Congressional Candidate Once Tweeted “F**k you, America”

Democratic Congressional candidate Shahid Buttar once tweeted “Fuck you, America.”

Buttar, a muslim immigrant challenging Nancy Pelosi for California’s 12th Congressional District seat, tweeted “Fuck you, America #ElectionNight” on November 8 2016.

See tweet below:

Several of Buttar’s past tweets have recently surfaced, indicating that Buttar is far from happy with the country he immigrated to. Buttar not only tweets obscenity towards America, but our police officers and white men as well. Buttar calls police officers terrorists and says they are more of a threat than ISIS. Buttar claims that police officers and “crazy white male gun owners” kill far more Americans than ISIS. On July 19 2016, Buttar tweeted “All the fear mongering at #RNCinCLE might make you forget that police and crazy white male gun owners kill far more Americans than ISIS has.”

And this guy’s running for Congress!?! Crazy, right? But just wait. It gets worse…

On the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Buttar took to twitter to put down our police officers once again AND to downplay the horrible terror attacks that happened on that day. Buttar tweeted, “#NeverForget that far more Americans have been killed by police officers than by terrorists.” Wow! What a day to tweet such bullshit! Who does Buttar think ran into the towers to save people after those awful terrorist attacks? It was police officers! Our Country was attacked by terrorist, and police officers, along with other first responders, rushed into harms way to save the American people! But Buttar choses the anniversary of the attacks to bash police officers. Sickening!

Buttar, a self described “democratic socialist and intersectional feminist,” says that he is running for Congress because Pelosi is “too soft” on Trump and argues that Pelosi is not progressive enough to represent San Francisco.

Buttar has expressed his excitement not only to unseat Pelosi, but also to grow the “squad,” which consists of radical progressive members of Congress, such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley.

I am no fan of Nancy Pelosi’s, but please believe me when I say Shahid Buttar will be much worse than Pelosi! Sadly, these are the only two candidates in the General election, thanks to California’s top-two primary.

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