Ilhan Omar Endorses Nada Elmikashfi for Wisconsin State Senate

ilhan omar endorses nada elmikashfi

Wisconsin State Senate candidate Nada Elmikashfi took to social media to announce Ilhan Omar’s endorsement of her campaign.

Elmikashfi, an immigrant from Sudan, posted a photo of herself and Omar, with the caption:

Our hope for the future is being built on tenacity, compassion, & courage—we’ve seen that hope embodied by Rep. Ilhan Omar.

I am honored to announce her endorsement.

Rep. Omar has fought for progress in Congress. We will do the same in Wisconsin

See post below:

In another post, Elmikashfi wrote:

If you had told the me in this picture that in a year & a half I’d receive @IlhanMN’s endorsement for Wisconsin Senate, I would’ve looked at you crazy. This is the power of #change.

See post below:

Like Omar, Elmikashfi is an immigrant, muslim, anti-Trump, wants to defund the police and often plays the victim while being dishonest. Elmikashfi seems to have a lot in common with Omar (and NO, Nada, that is NOT a compliment).

Will Wisconisn vote in their very own “Ilhan Omar”? Let’s hope not! The primary election is tomorrow, Aug. 11 2020. Get out and vote against this woman if you live in Madison!

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