Out of control BLM protester attacks man who removed BLM signs at Visalia HS

An angry Black Lives Matter protester attacked a man who was removing BLM signs from a fence at El Diamante High School in Visalia.

The incident was recorded and uploaded to social media. Video shows an unidentified man ripping signs off of the fence, when an angry protester rushes at him in attempts to tackle him, but instead falls flat on his a**. The protester then gets up and continues being aggressive by screaming in the man’s face while threatening him, snatching his glasses off of his face and poking at the man. The man, who had his family with him, stated that he lives across the street from the school and is tired of looking at the signs. As the man walked away, the protester and his friends followed, while continuing to threaten him.

See video below:

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