Non-Binary Rapper “Paperboy Love Prince” Defeated in Democratic Primary Election

A “non-binary” “rapper” by the name of “Paperboy Love Prince” has been defeated in the Democratic primary election for New York’s 7th Congressional District.

Before the primary election, the Board of Election challenged Prince’s candidacy after finding out that 348 of the 432 signatures Prince submitted were found invalid. According to reports, “Prince was well prepared to defend their candidacy and with the confidence and detail of a seasoned attorney, the congressional candidate won the Board over by proving there was an error in the paperwork filed by the challenger making it invalid.” Prince was allowed to remain on the primary ballot not because he proved the signatures were legit, but because the BOE made a mistake on the paperwork filed to challenge Prince’s candidacy.

Paperboy Prince is a Yang supporter, who supports $1,000/month universal basic income for every American over 18 and Medicare for all.

Prince supports Government issued Democracy Dollars that would be given to citizens to be used to donate to political campaigns.

Prince wants establish national community centers in every congressional district in America. “The community centers will also act as centers for big, new entrepreneurial ideas to take shape. They can potentially serve as centers for local businesses and/or town fairs, concerts, and showcases.” This is part of Prince’s “spread the love to everyone” idea, which also includes encouraging “Americans to have more parties, celebrations, and spread the love!”

According to reports, Prince wants to legalize prostitution and drugs.

Prince wants to cancel rent, mortgage and utility bills.

In a video published on Prince’s YouTube channel, he talks about “taking the city back” and says that “it’s about love, but it can get nasty too.” He then goes on to say “We’re not afraid to scream in your face. We’re not afraid to take over. We’re not afraid to take what’s ours. This is ours.”

They know that we’re coming. At every single turn they’ve been doing stuff to try to stop us. We tried to open a bank account for our campaign. They tried to find every reason to shut us down. They think we’re not serious. They think we’re not about to take this city back. They don’t know the power that we have. They don’t know the energy that we have. They don’t know what we do. They don’t know who we are. We’re gonna change this world right here. They made this city all about money, and then they act funny when we don’t have it. They criminalize being poor. This is about love, but it can get nasty too. We’re giving ya’ll the option to love right now. Because that’s what we’re about. That’s what we’re made from. That’s what we care about. Love. But there’s such a thing, there’s a such thing as tough love. We’re not afraid to scream in your face. We’re not afraid to take over. We’re not afraid to take what’s ours. This is ours. *screams*

Other videos on Prince’s YouTube channel include “songs” titled “Bought A Dolphin“, “Tiger King Queen“, “I never got a stimulus check we Need UBI now“, “Quarantine With Me” “Yang Gang Anthem” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider“.

After watching his “music” videos, I’m going to take a guess that this guy is on some serious drugs or has mental issues.

Prince was defeated by Democratic incumbent Nydia Velazquez on June 23, 2020. Prince received 20% (8,278) of the votes, while Velazquez received 79.5% (32,965) of the votes. Velasquez will face Brian Kelly (R / Conservative Party), Gilbert Midonnet (L) and Iroghama Omere (Independent) in the general election on November 3, 2020.

Screenshot From Ballotpedia
Screenshot From Ballotpedia

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