Muslim Man Disqualified From Utah Election

noman khan utah

Noman Khan was a Democratic candidate for Utah House of Representatives to represent District 37. According to Ballotpedia, Khan was disqualified from the primary election scheduled on June 30, 2020.

This candidate sought a party nomination at a convention prior to the primary scheduled for June 30, 2020. This candidate did not advance from the convention and will not be on the primary ballot.

Khan is a muslim Pakistani immigrant who became a U.S. citizen less than 3 years ago.

noman khan utah
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  1. The Democrats play the race cards Khan wrapping himself in a Pakistan flag.They failed to mention the important detail.NATURALIZATION YOU HAVE TO BE HERE 9 YEARS…MAYBE THEY CHECK THE NUMBER OF MUSLIMS RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE,NEED TO SEE IF THEY MEET THAT QUALIFICATION…Might be a whole lot dropping out…

  2. Thank you for bring these things to us dumb ass Americans who don’t pay attention to who we are voting for.

  3. Actually the problem is it looks like he got disqualified for a different reason than what it should’ve been

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