Judge Orders Two Muslim Women Back On Ballot After BOE Removed Them For Using Fake Names

A Queens Supreme Court Judge ordered that two muslim Bangladeshi women who used fake names to run for office, be put back on the ballot.

“Mary” Jobaida and “Moumita” Ahmed were removed from the ballot by the Board of Elections after it was revealed the women used fake names when filing to run for office.

After being removed from the ballot, the women claimed they used their nicknames and immediately screamed racism. Along with their lawyer, Ali Najmi, they challenged the decision in court. The women won in court and their names will be on the June 23 primary election ballot.

Mary, whose real name is Meherunnisa, seeks to unseat state Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan (D-Long Island City), and Moumita Ahmed, whose real name is Atqiya, is running for Democratic district leader in Assembly District 31.

By Deplorable Kel

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7 thoughts on “Judge Orders Two Muslim Women Back On Ballot After BOE Removed Them For Using Fake Names

  1. You lied on a government document! You should be gone and the judge should be disbarred!!! Obviously not holding up the constitution!


  2. Remove them from the United States immediately. We do not need or want them here! They are the enemies of the United States! They are not here to help. They are here to do harm!


    1. Any candidate opposing these individuals doesn’t bring and injunction to the FEC.Federal Election Commission.then their crazy…


  3. Let’s see…..don’t use your real name….makes it much harder to track you (you think)….why? Are you ashamed of your name, and what it means to you….that you feel the need to hide your identity from the rest of these United States where everybody else uses their “God given name created by their own parents…what ever calling they chose for their own children” ? What’s with the URGENCY to hide your information and how your thoughts do not blend with ours…..you are a cancer which needs some medical attention to control just the “MALIGNANT GROWTHS”…..the other tumors you tend to carry with you…..can remain with you….and YOU can blame your FORMER GOVERNMENT which totally ignored your needs…..and so, you come here and poison our world just as you’ve done to yours….and when temperatures in those deserts exceed 140 degrees (F)….NOBODY can live in that heat and survive? So….what do we expect? You BETCHA…..a MASS MIGRATION from Desert and Oil Wells too hot to survive…..


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