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Two Muslims Kicked Off The Ballot For Using Fake Names…Now They’re Crying Racism

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Two Muslims Kicked Off The Ballot For Using Fake Names…Now They’re Crying Racism

Two muslim Bangladeshi candidates have been removed from the ballot in Queens NY for using fake names.

“Mary” Jobaida, who seeks to unseat state Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan (D-Long Island City), and “Moumita” Ahmed, who is running for Democratic district leader in Assembly District 31, were both removed from the ballot by the Board of Elections after it was revealed that the names they’re running under do not match those under which they’re registered to vote.

“Mary” Jobaida’s real name is Meherunnisa Jobaida and Moumita Ahmed’s real name is Atqiya Ahmed.

The women claim that they were wrongfully removed from the ballot and that not being allowed to use their nicknames is racism and discriminatory. Along with their lawyer, Ali Najmi, the women are fighting to be put back on the ballot in court.

Meherunnisa “Mary” Jobaida published several tweets defending using her nickname which she claimed that she has went by her whole life. You can read her full tweets here.

Atqiya “Moumita” Ahmed also tweeted a series of tweets defending using her nickname. Ahmed claimed that it is discriminatory to make muslims use their real name when filing to run for office. Ahmed went onto blame everyone but herself for being removed from the ballot. You can read Ahmed’s full statement here.

Ahmed also uploaded a video of herself crying and throwing a fit about being removed from the ballot. Ahmed cries, “The Board of Elections is so racist and it’s their fault!” She then calls the BOE irresponsible, even though SHE was the one to file paperwork using a nickname! And wait for it…Yes, she also blamed white people. You can watch her full video here. (If you dare).

Now the women are calling for the Bangladeshi community and “allies” to demand the Mayor and the Governor condemn the BOE ruling and restore their names on the ballot.

And this friends, is a perfect example of playing the victim while breaking the rules. These women knew damn well they were suppose to use their real names, but for some reason decided to file legal paperwork using nicknames, and now they scream racism and that it’s the white man’s fault. Typical.

UPDATE: Supreme Court Judge Leonard Livote ruled that the women’s names be put back on the June 23 primary election ballot.

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