Massachusetts Muslim Woman Sworn Into Office While Wearing Hijab

On March 9th 2020 Maya Jamaleddine was sworn into the Melrose City Council.

Jamaleddine is the city’s first muslim elected official, and the first in Massachusetts to wear a hijab.

2 thoughts on “Massachusetts Muslim Woman Sworn Into Office While Wearing Hijab

  1. What is happening in America and I may add the west. The secular tolerant nations are allowing themselves to be politically castrated by their tolerance of a belief system that will enslave it.
    Islam is a fascist politico religion that will dictate every aspect of your lives.
    What is going on? Hitler made a pact with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem as they both hated freedom and Jews and other aspects of a democracy.


  2. These “people” must leave our country. We will never allow their insane life style in to our every day life and living. We need to stop allowing them to run for all offices. We need to prevent them from imposing their stupid muslim terroists ideas. They are completely against what America stands for and they want us to change our counrty to their terrorists life style. Come on America, stop giving them positions in offices that only true Americans should hold. It is the only way to keep America as it should be.


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