Shahana Hanif

Muslim “feminist” runs for New York City Council

Muslim “feminist” runs for New York City Council

Shahana Hanif, a Bangladeshi muslim “feminist“, is running for New York City Council in Brooklyn’s 39th District.

Hanif is against the travel ban and wants to abolish ICE. On March 8th Hanif posted on Facebook:

Happy International Women’s Day!

I am proud to:
✅ Believe survivors.
✅ Recognize immigrant women’s work.
✅ Fight to #AbolishICE and #NoMuslimBanEver.
✅ Work to fully #FundLanguageAccess.
✅ Vote for and support feminist women running for office.

In another post she wrote:

My name is Shahana Hanif. I wake up every morning fighting against Lupus— an incurable, degenerative, life-threatening disease. I am a Kensington-born organizer running to represent the 39th District in the New York City Council. If elected, I will be both the first Muslim woman and first South Asian person elected in NYC. This race is about the community that raised me and that I fight for every day.

Like many of the muslims running for office, Hanif is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

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  1. These two words ‘Muslim and feminist’, cannot co-exist in the same sentence. It’s an oxymoron!

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