CAIR Civil Rights Director runs for Minnesota House of Representatives

Amir Malik

CAIR Civil Rights Director runs for Minnesota House of Representatives

Amir Malik, the CAIR-MN civil rights director, is a Democratic candidate for Minnesota House of Representatives District 37B.

Malik also ran for election to the MN House in 2018 but was defeated in the general election. During Malik’s 2018 run for office, he was endorsed by former President of the U.S. Barack Obama and planned parenthood.

By Deplorable Kel

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  1. Morons elected Obummer who brought in thousands of Mussies to treat women like dogs here in the U.S. and women vote for them?

  2. America started its biggest downfall with Obama, he weakened the USA and took in thousands of Muslims and strategically placed them around the country to get Muslims in congress

  3. Minnesota either has a large population of muslims or a large population of Democrats and he will more than likely be elected! I’m happy
    that I wont live to see a muslim Congress but if things keep going downhill my Grandson probably will.

    • Planned Parenthhood? I doubt if thosee two words are in the Islamists’ vocabulary. Do the demographic calculation. A Muslim man is allowed at least 4 wives. In the UK it is recorded they have 4 kids per wife (which the none Muslim taxpayers caled Dimmies, pay for) that is 16 at least. The womb is even used as a weapon!!
      This modern Jihad warfare!!!

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