Muslim Woman Elected In North Carolina

Muslim Woman Elected In North Carolina

Nida Allam (Democrat) recently made history by becoming the first muslim woman elected in North Carolina. Allam won 1 of the 5 seats up for election to the Durham County Board of Commissioners.

Allam and 4 other Democrats advanced from the Democratic primary election on March 3rd. Since there are no Republicans running for these seats, Allam and the 4 other Democrats will be elected to the 5 seats up for election to the Durham County Board of Commissioners.

According to reports,

Allam said her priorities include improving public safety, combating poverty, providing mental health resources, improving access to high-quality education and increasing community involvement in political decisions.

Allam graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Materials & Technology.

According to the News & Observer, Allam was elected third vice-chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party in 2017. She was the first Muslim elected to the party’s executive council.

Allam took to Facebook to announce her win:


People of Durham you made history last night by electing me as the FIRST Muslim Woman to serve the state of North Carolina. I can’t even express how grateful I am to have earned your trust and support.

Growing up Muslim American I never thought running for office let alone winning and making history would ever be a possibility. I would be lying if I said this moment isn’t bitter sweet. I was driven to politics after we lost Yusor, Deah, and Razan and not a day goes by that we don’t miss them and pray for them. Today is another moment I would give so much to be able to embrace and celebrate with them. I know though that none of this would be possible without the legacy of love and service they left behind. Through this tragedy all of you showed that truly “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”

This was no small feat, and I surely did not accomplish this alone.

I would be remiss if I didn’t begin by thanking my mom, Iffat, or “Mama” as she has become lovingly known by everyone she has interacted with while campaigning for me. This strong and amazing woman stood at the polls EVERY SINGLE day for me through the rain and snow, greeting voters with a smile and making meals for the poll greeters of every other campaign. If I can be half as loving and caring as she is, I know I will make the people of Durham proud as their County Commissioner.

My husband Towqir, who is drowning in law school work but has never hesitated to step away to support me in this crazy roller coaster ride and has been my rock through it all. My sisters Afreen & Arsheen who have been role models for me my entire life and never cease to remind me I’m still their baby sister. My dad, Abdul, who has believed in me more than anyone from the first day and raised my sisters and I to be strong independent women.

My campaign team who took a chance on me and put in their all to get us to the finish line. Brett Stargell, the greatest campaign manager to ever exist (I may be a little bias), who always prioritized my well-being and made sure that no matter how crazy or frightening the campaign got that I was always taken care of. Jean-Patrick, policy extraordinaire, who put in long hours helping me eloquently gather my views and platform. Conen Morgan, mass messaging magician, can you really win a campaign in North Carolina without him? Phil Seib, who quite literally kept me out of trouble by always making sure our finance reports were in on time and done correctly.

My community. From the Masjids in Durham who opened their doors to me and came out to vote, many for the first time, to the friends and family who opened their homes to help me raise the funds we needed for this historic election, Dr. Asma Khan, Nadia Khan, Br. Boran Ganyim, Charlie Reece, Jillian Johnson, my parents of course.

Thank you to every single volunteer who greeted voters at the polls throughout early voting and election day.

Thank you to the Durham People’s Alliance, Durham Association of Educators, Sierra Club, Equality NC, New American Leaders, Run for Something, VOTEPROCHOICE, Progressive Democrats of Durham County and INDY Week for endorsing me and urging voters to support me. I want to thank the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People, especially Dr. Natasha Greene & Tia Wilson Hall, though I was not one of your endorsed candidates we have built a beautiful relationship through this campaign and I look forward to working with all of you.

Here’s to making history, and to a future for Durham focused on fighting for what our communities deserve!

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4 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Elected In North Carolina

  1. Not another Muslim burrowing a way into government office. Danger ahead.
    America is having exactly the same problems with Islam that the UK and Europe are having. By taking advantage of a secular democratic system these Muslims standing for government office are Md’s Trojan Horses. Once in office they will undermine the none Islamic way of life and insidiously try to introduce Sharia Law and we all know what will happen then. All the progress that western society has gained through separation of religion and state will be underminded as Sharia dictates every aspect of human life. If people don’t understand what the implementation of Sharia will entai, l they should read the Koran and Hadith. Execution of gays being thrown from high buildings. Killing of Kafirs and Jews amputation of the limbs of theives and stoning of women!!
    The current bout of $18 million for Muslim candidates is coming from the House of Saud and its Wahhabi Salafist preachers. Money gained from their global oil sales wealth.
    Here is an example of a London borough after an Islamic clique got control. Bit like your American Somali Ilyan Omar who is constantly abusig the country that gave her shelter anda political position caused by ghettoising immigrants. This is global Jihad. Be aware.


  2. Nice statements but she follows the hate filled book, the Quran, which Muslims believe is from their allah god calling on Muslims to fight, slay and subjugate unbelievers (Sura 9-5, 9-29, 2-193 and others), against you and me and 99% of Americans. She says, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. There is no love of unbelievers in the the allah god’s Quran so she is going against her evil religion…or lying…taqiyyah. If she really believes in love, she should leave Islam and come to faith in Jesus Christ.


  3. This has got to be stopped!!!…..Patriots please, write your legislators and all politicians local and federal officials, this must not be allowed to continue anywhere and much less in our land!!!


  4. What is wrong with you people in NC?
    This is terrible. She will follow her Muslim duty to kill all the infidels who do not convert to Islam!


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