Muslim Woman Announces Campaign For Wisconsin State Senate

Muslim Woman Announces Campaign For Wisconsin State Senate

Nada Elmikashfi, an immigrant from Sudan, recently announced her campaign for Wisconsin State Senate, District 26.

Elmikashfi refers to herself as a proud Democrat and states that she will “fight for social equity, environmental justice, and closing the educational achievement gap”. Elmikashfi says she is running to “re-establish Madison’s proud progressive tradition”.

On March 9th Elmikashfi announced her candidacy on Facebook:


I am honored to finally announce my candidacy for Wisconsin State Senate! The 26th Senate District encompasses most of the City of Madison, the Town of Madison, and the Village of Shorewood Hills.

My experience in the Capitol and with grassroots organizing has shown me that, for far too long, our elected officials and their constituencies have missed each other when it comes to vital conversations about our needs and priorities. I have grown up in communities that continue to be extremely underserved by our state legislature. As a low-income Black family, my parents struggled to make ends meet in an economy that subjected a second-hand citizenship to Madison’s working class.

Unfortunately, for many, not much has changed since I was a little girl.

Madison is continually regressing under a Senate that is too preoccupied with politics to adequately fight for its citizens. An affordable housing crisis, disparaging inequities in education, and a systemic disenfranchisement of minority demographics continue to hurt District 26. There is a clear need for mindful, actionable solutions that disassemble that which hurts our community at the root. We need leadership that offers an unapologetic progressiveness and we need a voice in the Wisconsin State Senate that does not ask for permission to help her community.

As your State Senator, my priorities are clear: we must raise the standards of living for Madison’s working class. We do that by asking for more than we have been given, because for a large majority of us, what we have been given is not enough.

Four more years of inadequate senate leadership means four more generations of our children born into poverty and disadvantage–we refuse to stand by and let that happen.

It’s time for a better Madison.

The election is on August 11th, 2020.

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6 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Announces Campaign For Wisconsin State Senate

  1. My lord how many more of these female Muslim Trojan Horses are infiltrating the USA? If she, Elmikhashfi, is anything like Ilyan Omar living in and/or representing a ghetto, then she will get the racial background identity political votes and also from those few lefties that live there similar to what happened in London for the Mayor’s position. And look what has happened with that result. Knife crime greater than in New York at its criminal height!! The forrunner was a Muslim take over in Tower Hamlets, a borough in East London.


  2. The Muslims that are in office need to be dragged out in the street and stoned to death.
    I will a substantial reward to anyone that executes them.
    Make it happen so other Muslims will know what will happen if they are elected.


  3. Naturally she will win if the majority of voters are in the Madison area. It’s mostly populated by indoctrinated,Leftist idiots who push each other out of the way to vote for someone who has her agenda and ideology. I wonder how much voter fraud with the Democrats perpetrate to take her over the top?


  4. I like the way she used the word given. Saying it’s not enough. When you reach an age to work, work for it, don’t ask for it to be given to you.


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