4 thoughts on “Sharifa Alkhateeb: “We Will Use Public Schools To Convert America To Islam””

  1. TEP336 – Midwestern USA – Author is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a Constitutionalist and a Christian. The author is guilty of being pro-life, pro-gun, and a great many other "sins" against social justice.

    Two words: Home. School.

  2. No!!! I love Jesus!!!! Never
    This country was founded on christianity and tolerates all other religions however if it was a Muslim country would they tolerate other religions? I think not people

  3. Muslims have no business participating in our political system. They all believe in the same Quran Bible for Muslims. If they were not born here then they should not be allowed to run an election campaign in this country. If they think that they are going to convert our countries children to islam then they had better think again. Islam will never be taught in our schools. This is a Christian country and always has been. I do believe that this country is headed for another civil war. Muslims will never convert this country to Islam without a fight.

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