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Muslim Ohio State Rep. Candidate Calls for “Immigrants to unite their vote to eliminate Donald Trump”

muslim candidate ohio

A muslim Ohio State Rep. Candidate has called for immigrants to unite their vote to eliminate Donald Trump.

Mohamud Jama, a former refugee from Somalia, is a Democratic candidate for Ohio House of Representatives in District 25.

Jama recently took to Facebook to encourage immigrants to vote for him and to “eliminate Donald Trump in 2020.”

Jama wrote:

Immigrants in Central Ohio Should stick together and unite their votes 2020 for these reasons.
1) To eliminate DT.
2) To elect Mohamud Jama, a long time advocate for new Americans in Central Ohio.
3) To prove their voting power!
4) You need representation, a voice.
5) No one knows your struggles, but your kind.

To register to vote before February 18,2020
Early Vote starts February 19, 2020.
Election Day is March 17,2020.

See Facebook post below:

Deplorable Kel

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  1. LMAO What an asshole!

  2. Another attempt to take apart our country!!! We should declare open season on rag heads!

  3. These Muslimes should not be elected to any office in the entire USA, they are enemies of a free country! Ask some of the other countries that they get the power to take over!! And see what happens with the people when they take over and install Shari law.

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