Video Of Shooting At White Settlement Church

church shooting

Shooting at White Settlement Church

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  1. Good guys with guns just saved a lot of lives, took out a mind-controlled puppet, screwed the plans of the elite and their wicked agenda and saved the taxpayers a lot of money

  2. I am so glad they got this kook….I really don’t think we need another one sitting in jail on his rear end being supported by the likes of you and me….Well some of you may like that but I sure don’t

    • Do not condemn the guy who posted this. Condemn the disgusting terrorist murderer and those who think as HE did /does. This in no way hinders any investigation. It was LIVESTREAMED as it all went down. LIVE ON THE INTERNET for ALL to see ! Do NOT be afraid to watch as many GOOD people, with sound minds and clear heads, drew their OWN guns to protect the very scared and confused parishioners. This is exactly why we can not let politicians take away gun rights, so those good people with the sound minds clear heads and guns can step up to help and protect us, with THEIR GUNS, when those of us who are scared, trembling, vulnerable, confused and frightened, need protection and help, from MURDERERS !

  3. reality the way our liberals have made us weak, it is up to us to save this countries want to be… just think, Iran and Venezuela used to be close, beatle playing in the streets and western clothes on women. now we have ocrazio cortex the squad and merkel trying to make us go that way

  4. This serves as a testament to how important concealed carry is to public safety. The threat was taken out immediately, who can say how many lives were saved.
    It’s ludicrous how anybody can fight against the logic of full reciprocity across state lines.
    “When seconds count, police are just minutes away…”

  5. Why would you post this? This should not be out there while the investigation just started and family may not know their loved one is dead! Shame on you!

    • Are you kidding me?? Yes this needs ti be seen, with all the kooks wanting to take our guns, do you realize how many lives were SAVED?

      • The kooks don’t want to take your gums. More fake news, we want background checks and we don’t want kids hanging semiautomatic weapons. It’s REALLY SIMPLE,

    • Shame on you for being so stupid. Any investigation will be reported by the mainstream media absent relevant facts. Truthful and swift reporting such as this will encourage others to get armed, get trained and always carry

    • YES IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN POSTED! Are you crazy! People need to be aware of just how fast a situation like this can get out of hand!

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