Republican Muslim Wins Election In Ohio

Republican Muslim Wins Election In Ohio

Republican Muslim Wins Election In Ohio

Omar Tarazi, a Republican muslim attorney, was elected to Hilliard City Council in Ohio on Nov. 6th 2019. Tarazi was first appointed in March 2019 to fill a vacancy on Hilliard City Council.

Tarazi is one of many muslims that have recently ran for office, most registered as Democrats with only a few registered as Republicans.

Tarazi took to Facebook to announce his win:

I am so grateful to the people of Hilliard for entrusting me with this honor and opportunity to serve them. I look forward to working with the citizens of Hilliard, staff, and everyone on council to make Hilliard a great place. I congratulate Cynthia Vermillion and Pete Marsh for their victories as well!!!

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  1. Does he denounce/deny/abhor the Islamic faith & the Quran.?? Muslims & Islam go hand in hand.! Has he assimilated to the American culture.? Did he swear his oath on the Bible or the Quran.? And finally, does he eat bacon or pork of any kind.?? A no answer to any of the above questions is a red flag and he cannot be trusted.. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.!!!

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