Somali Refugee Wins Election In Maine

Democrat Safiya Khalid has made history by becoming the first Somali elected to the City Council in Lewiston Maine.

Yesterday, Khalid was elected to the Lewiston City Council’s Ward 1 seat, with nearly 70% of the vote.

Khalid is a former Somali refugee who came to the United States in 2006, when she was just 7 years old.

Read more about Khalid here

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Somali Refugee Runs For Office In Maine

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14 thoughts on “Somali Refugee Wins Election In Maine

  1. This has got to stop, these people should not be in government positions! As they do not assimilate and are Anti Americans!!😡


    1. They are American citizens and our election law says that after 5 years of citizenship they can run. The people in their communities are electing them so there’s nothing that we can do!


    2. You fools who voted her in !! and i bet you anything it was the leftist Anti/American Anti/ white lieing thieving demoncrat commies who voted her in simply because she wad a muslim….The commies are rolling out the red carpet with destruction of our laws and destruction of America its self with the united states on a gold platter ..because they are fake as hell and scared to death of someone calling them a six letter word (racist).sick freaks


  2. You can thank Obama for this BS! He allowed 1,000’s of unvetted Muslim refugee’s into our country, then huddled them off in very large groups to select cities where they are now running, (and WINNING!) public government offices, where they are slowly but surely implementing their radical Shariah traditions and laws. They have no intention of acclimating to our customs and traditions, but are hellbent on turning the US into a third world cesspool like the one they came from!


  3. What is going on we don’t what any Muslims in our government office!!! They are not Americans! They don’t live America they are here to tear America apart!!!


  4. Muslims in our government are a travesty. They hate our country, our belief systems, and our culture. It’s an oxymoron to say Muslim and freedom in the same sentence.


  5. Need to start investing all the illegals here making their way in to to goverment run seats! The illegal votes needs to be looked into Trump 2020


  6. It seems Americans haven’t learned a thing from watching, listening to and experiencing Ilhan Omar in government. We are One Election away from the death of America. People are not thinking.


  7. You Need to THANK the DNC,Oboma, G.W. Bush,B.Clinton, & All of the other DNC SCUM….That made this happen & Put this SHIT HERE,,,,WTF…!!!!!!


  8. Sad, saw a segment on Cheryl Attkinson where in Michigan they interviewed 100 Muslim Males, and 85 of 100 favored Sharia Law over the Constitution.
    Remember September 11, 2001!!!


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