Security Guard Pulls Out Knife At Trump Supporter

Security Guard Pulls Out Knife At Trump Supporter

Yesterday, during the Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers game, a security guard pulled out a knife at a Trump supporter.

Arizona Patriots (a group of well known Trump supporters in Arizona) attended the Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers game and participated in “operation flag drop“. After AZ Patriots placed a Trump 2020 flag on the rails in front of them, security approached the group of Trump supporters, demanding they remove the flag and leave. As Arizona Patriots and security were talking, another security guard angrily rushed up with what looked like a pair of scissors in his hands and started to cut the flag. The owner of the flag, Jennifer Harrison, attempted to protect her property by grabbing the flag. The two security guards attempted to forcefully yank the flag from Harrison. When the two “men” of security guards failed at snatching the flag, one of them then decided to put his hands all over Harrison. The security guard, who is at least 3-4 times bigger than Harrison, repeatedly grabbed at Harrison in attempts to take the flag. As if all of this isn’t bad enough, the security guard takes it a step further and pulls a knife out of his pocket in an attempts to cut the flag out of Harrison’s hands! At this point it got VERY dangerous. During the struggle for the flag, the security guard’s knife came close to Harrison’s face and the security guard nearly stabbed Harrison’s leg multiple times. In fact, if you watch the video closely it appears the security guard may be intentionally trying to stab Harrison’s leg. Not only did the security guard nearly stabbed Harrison and other members of AZ Patriots, but he dropped his knife during the struggle, which could have resulted in a bystander being harmed.

It is completely clear that security wasn’t just doing his job and that emotions were involved. He was angry, forceful, threatening and dangerous. Triggered. I’d bet money that if it were any other flag, it would not have played out the way it did. But since it was a Trump flag, innocent Patriots were nearly stabbed. When will the violence from the left stop!?

See video captured by Atomic News below:

Screenshots below (Knife circled in red):

Security grabbing his knife out of his pocket:

Security after opening his knife:

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  1. Well first off, if security tells you to do something do it – see the badge on his shirt, he’s in charge not you, and the state laws will back him up…Depending on your state they can be vested as Peace Officers by law…most don’t know it but the profession of security is the oldest law enforcement and public safety profession dating back to about 650 A.D. in North America about 1650 A.D. they all have common law arrest authority. Under the law they are legally deemed ” Licensees ” meaning they act on behalf of the landlord usually and that gives them greater legal authority than anyone else upon the property. If they say no flag, then it’s no flag, they say leave, you leave or you can be arrested for trespassing or other offenses. Touch a security officer in my state it’s a class c felony as an example – ( 10 ) Ten years in prison, a $10,000.00, or both…in some cases they have greater authority than a Peace Officer…I’d suggest you listen to the security officer in the future. Here you could be changed with two crimes just based on your actions – Criminal trespass in the first degree is a Class A Misdemeanor which is punishable by up to one full year in jail, a $2000 fine and probation. Criminal trespass in the second degree is the midlevel trespassing statute in Connecticut. The statutory citation is Connecticut Gen, Statues Section 53a-108. A disorderly conduct conviction can bring significant punishment, including fines, community service, compulsory counseling, and jail time. A judge sentencing someone for disorderly conduct will often consider that person’s criminal history.

  2. He should not! Have pulled a knife! Period! Someone could get badly injured or killed fly. His lack of skill and knowledge !
    We saw the video too!
    But my question is. Was the Trump flag not allowed?
    Only certain flags? I don’t get that part.

  3. Not sure if there is a policy against flags, probably not the brightest thing to do. But the security guard should be arrested and fired! No excuse for this! He needs to seek help for his TDS and his ignorance of the left. They not only use blacks and make them into victims, they are the party of the KKK and slavery.

  4. ^^^Weird how noone responds or likes when actual facts are presented. Also really weird how the “Left” is attacked in this, the “media” is as well, but this was clearly a story written with only emotion and no facts and attacks “anti Trump” people.

    Really, really, really weird if you ask me…

    But what else do I expect from anyone that follows a “Left” or “Right” path….

    • Oh god, leftists are parading as unbiased now. Good thing they’re so obvious about it, otherwise it might fool someone

  5. HA, idiots totally deserved to have their shit sign taken. Guess it’s not as much fun to tout the FREE MARKET (go watch the game elsewhere) and PRIVATE PROPERTY when it isn’t going your way, huh? You people are just so dumb, I love watching you all be banned from places because everyone thinks you’re obnoxious and awful!

    • Your mother raised you well lol you speak with a forked tongue a prime example of a stupid person Wgt mom you raised an idiot.

  6. I was there. She was 4 rows in front of me. This is fake news. He was trying to cut the rope from the banner as she was refusing to take it down and had it wrapped around her wrist. She and her group (including the lady and man filming this) were ignoring the security officer when he asked her to take it down. She became belligerent in an obvious attempt to provoke a reaction as her group was primed to film this encounter. I have video of the whole thing.

  7. Someone pulls a knife like that in a heated situation in close quarters I am gonna assume lethal danger and act accordingly. Your one slice or stab away from your grave, you need to act fast and decisively. . Just sayin.

  8. This is beyond outrageous. In the past voters used to wear their buttons, raise their flags and everything was peaceful. This is freedom and our constitutional right. Now the media and democrats in Congress have created division and promoted hatred with slanderous lies against President Trump. The media needs to clean up it’s act; and people who are responsible need to be held accountable. This is still America.

  9. Is it possible that he was looking to cut the rope on the girl’s wrist.. seemed to have been attached to the big banner.

    • That rope was wrapped around her wrist pretty tightly. He was pressing that knife against her thigh. I would definitely press charges against that security guard. The first security guard needs to answer as well for harassing those people. Those people need a refund and an apology. And the public deserves an apology as well, particularly Trump supporters. God bless these brave people, who stand up for what they believe in.

  10. Security guards are supposed to be there to protect the people and not take political sides by exhibiting their TDS. You can see that he’s putting his hands all over her. Then to pull a knife out on her to do only God knows what. Why does a security guard have a knife on him to begin with? He needs to be fired and arrested.

      • So when I tell you to give me your car and you don’t and I shoot you, it’s your fault. The flag was her property not his, your cat is your property, not mine. So again if I tell you to give me your car and I shoot you, it’ll be your fault you should’ve given me your car, with title signed and notarized.

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