Councilwoman sworn in on Dr. Seuss book

Councilwoman Sworn In On Dr. Seuss Book

Councilwoman Sworn In On Dr. Seuss Book

A newly elected councilwoman in Missouri is making headlines after her unusual choice of book to be sworn in on.

Democratic Councilwoman Kelli Dunaway was sworn into the St. Louis County Council with her hand on the Dr. Seuss’s book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

Though, it is most common to be sworn in on the Bible, there is no law or requirement that says one must be sworn in on the Bible. People are free to use any text they choose, or nothing at all, when sworn into office.

Dunaway won the Aug. 6 special election with about 60% of the vote.

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  1. It seems that Kelli Dunaway is aptly named, in that she, like so many political types, has “dunaway” with, what I would call, the obligatory importance of, and necessity of integrity.

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