Video: Antifa Attacks Elderly Couple in Portland

Antifa Attacks Elderly Couple in Portland

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  1. It is time Antifa is declared a domestic terrorist organization. They are the ones behaving like Nazis. My mother lived through WWII and my Opa was arrested at work (Volklinger ironworks) because an employee over heard him say a negative comment about the Nazi regime and the worker called the SS and Opa was sent to a labor camp. In my opinion Antifa reminds me more of Hitler’s own unit of SS ( not the regime’s SS ) Who went out into towns and burned businesses, destroyed interiors of homes, just creating havoc to put the fear in the people.

  2. These Anti-Fa IDIOTS are too STUPID to recognize that they are EXACTLY like the brown shirts of Hitler’s early Nazi Germany They deny people their Constitutional Rights to Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Movement anywhere in America. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, & let them experience the harsh realities of Sexual Abuse from their fellow penitentiary inmates!!

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