Muslim Woman Sworn into office on Quran, Torah, and Bible

Muslim Woman Sworn into office on Quran, Torah, and Bible

In November 2018, Sadia Gul Covert was elected to the Dupage County Board in Illinois.

On December 8th, Covert was sworn into office on the Quran, Torah, and the Bible.

A few days after being sworn in, Covert took to Facebook to answer questions about the three books she took her oath on. She wrote:

Many people have been curiously asking me about the stack of books that I was holding on my lap at Inauguration Monday night. 
I took my oath for office on 3 books: Quran, Torah, and the Bible. Islam is an Abrahamic faith and teaches Muslims to not only believe in the Quran, but to also believe in God’s prior revelation. This is why I took my oath on all 3 Books. #Muslim411

See Facebook post below:

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