Muslim man charged for threatening President Trump: “We are coming for you with knives…Victory is from Allah”

Florida man charged for threatening President Trump: "We are coming for you with knives...Victory is from Allah"

According to reports, a Florida man accused of trying to slash a Walmart employee with scissors now faces federal charges after threatening President Donald Trump while he was being arrested.

On July 8th, Mohammed Omar Haji Mohammed tried to slash a Walmart employee during a disagreement at the customer service desk, then yelled threats in Arabic.

The threats included: “We are coming for you Trump. We are coming for you with knives. Allah will send angels to destroy you.” and “l need Trump cut. I want to cut, two portions.”

Mohammed also made threatening posts on Facebook, one of which said: “Whoever knows why I came to America wait for the urgent news on television screens and victory is from Allah.”

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports:

Mohammed had made suspicious Facebook posts about doing something that would be newsworthy. Those posts caught the attention of an anonymous tipster who let authorities know two days before the Walmart incident that Mohammed seemed to be poised to take some action and had recently been fired from his job at a local Quickies restaurant.

The tipster, according to the Secret Service, said Mohammad at been “acting strange” and had “become more withdrawn” since losing his job.

One Mohammed Facebook post read: “Whoever knows why I came to America wait for the urgent news on television screens and victory is from Allah.”

Federal agents confirmed Mohammed’s identity and had translated his Facebook posts. Then he appeared at the Walmart, where he was charged with aggravated assault, battery against a police officer and disorderly conduct. No injuries were reported in that altercation, which included police use of a Taser to subdue him.

It was only after the Secret Service reviewed the Fort Lauderdale Police Department’s body camera video of the Walmart confrontation that he was charged last Friday with making the threats against Trump.

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  1. What about these senator’s that said they like to see the president assassinated like Maxtine waters and another senator and even some in Congress they need to be charged to and put in jail.

  2. Deplorable kel, I’m trying to get my story of abuse from Muslim people out. I have years of proof. It started when I was in St Pete. Please contact me

  3. I’m of a convoluted opinion that the anti-Christ already appeared over 1400 years ago with the name of Mohammad attached to it!
    When you look at the history of Him and his blind followers, you see death, you see the blasphemous ritually horrendous killing of all things, including Christianity, and anything not of Islamic fundamentalism. Also there is the resulting dismissal of all biblical doctrine, completely abandoned (even by the Catholic diocese) and replaced with the Quran.
    Yes, the end may be very near and it’s very much time to be right with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The mark of the beast has already been implemented over much of the globe via global banking indoctrination, and we all are desperate for God to show his mercy on our upside down world. Our Father has granted us one last repeal in one Donald Trump and we need to be grateful, and put all our support in him and all things inclusive, . . . to Good! God bless our POTUS, God bless our country, our world, and God bless You!


  5. Not all Muslims are bad people. You cannot condemn the entire religious group because some of them are unstable and crazy. You can find bad eggs in any religion (Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.). That does not make the entire religious group bad. Use your common sense if you still have any.

      • You and the rest of the people who commented are the morons. Do you know any Muslims personally? I do and the majority of them do not want any part of terrorism. You have no idea what you are talking about. It’s obvious you only care to spread hatred.

    • The “Bad Eggs” you are talking about in the main stream denominations, aren’t likely to destroy our culture, as we know it. If you would bother to do a little research into that religion, and its followers, you will find that their sole intent is to to dominate. They have said as much. They cannot assimilate, because their religion will not allow them to. The United States, to them, is “The Great Satan”. Check it out. That’s a huge problem with “nice” people. They just can’t believe that such homely people could possibly be dangerous…..They ARE.

    • Linda, though I understand your comment what you don’t understand is what they are taught in their Qur’an. They are taught to lie at any cost to achieve their agenda. They are taught that all “infidels”, anyone who is not Muslim, must convert to Islam or die. They have one agenda and that is to take over the whole world and make Sharia law the norm everywhere. My prayer is that all people, including Muslims, come to know that God, not Allah, loves them and sent His son to die for them. AND that by accepting God’s Son, Yeshua, as their Savior, they can have eternal life in heaven with Him.

      • I understand much more than you do. Do you personally know any Muslims? I do. Go talk to some of them face-to-face and stop listening to Trump’s rhetoric. You are talking about the terrorist Muslims. They are not all terrorists. True Muslims shun the terrorists. They do not want to take over the whole world. They do not want everyone to be Muslim. They want peace and to do good for others. In Hindi, the word for God is Allah. Same person, different name because of a different language. They also believe that Jesus is the Son of God. The terrorists are renegade Muslims who interpret the Qur’an in a way that will promote their agenda. If you have read the Qur’an and you are interpreting it in the same way as the terrorists, it’s because you have been programmed to look for evil. Stop listening to Trump. He’s a very sick man.

    • You are wrong. Pretty much 100% of dog muslims are nothing but American hate killers. Between them and their gay little Allah they should all be butchered and thrown to the hogs.

    • yes just look at the Pope he’s pro abortion
      look at all the preist that are pedofiles
      look at all the signs called evangelist that are nothing but con artist out to RIP off the gullible

  6. All Muslims are not going to assimilate to our culture.
    You want proof, check out all the videos on Youtube of them stating as such.

    We need to use more violence then what they would use on us.
    We need to make them scared to go to work, to shop, or to go anywhere.
    We should burn them out of business & their homes.

      • No Bette, Harold is correct. When dealing with complete unreasonableness such as exists in the islamic cult you can only deal with them by using fire against fire and a tad bit more for punishment! It is long past the time to take off our gloves and stand up to and defeat this creeping stain of a philosophy. Like cockroaches, they need to be dealt with using extreme prejudice!

      • So, someone assaults you.. your not gonna fight back? You’re gonna bend over and take it in the name of being a better person?

    • They need to stop fighting the president about venting people before allowing them here, people need to stop using words from years ago in the wrong way about anyone being allowed to come in the United States, for one it didn’t mean it exactly that way and two, the people have changed and it never meant we should disregard the safety of our own for others. Time for people to come together against those in government who don’t care about us and stand up for the ones that do.

      • *need to stop fighting the president about vetting people.

        Darn auto correct needs to stop arguing too.

  7. Typical threat! All the more proof of what a hell of alot of Muslims want— to make the United States A Muslim country. BEWARE!!!

  8. if he’s not a citizen, deport him. If he’s a citizen, throw the book at him. Incarcerate him wherever he is sure to be beat to a pulp.

    • I’m sick and tired of seeing these ridiculous, stupid muslim scumbag names, not to mention the fairy those idiots call allah,…

      • You’re too stupid to try to teach anything. But I’ll give you a hint. Christians use the word Allah when referring to God. It’s an Arabic word for God just as Hashem is the Hebrew word for God, Theós is the Greek word for God. How many languages are there in the world? That’s how many words are for God in a language other than what your pea brain can think.

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