Woman who attacked Trump supporter identified

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The woman who attacked a Trump supporter in Los Gatos has been identified as Margo Rosen from Oakland, Ca. Rosen is a former District Director for Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

On Friday, Rosen approached Trump supporters who had a pro-Trump booth set up in downtown Los Gatos. Rosen illegally parked her car in a red zone to purposely block the pro-Trump booth. Rosen got out of her car and begin to yell at the Trump supporters while acting very aggressively. As Rosen was yelling at the Trump supporters, Cyndi Sheehan, who was wearing a Trump shirt, approached the group and started video recording. After yelling absurdities at the Trump supporters for nearly ten minutes, Rosen rushed up to Cyndi and attacked her while grabbing Cyndi’s phone. As any normal person would do, Cyndi protected herself and property, which resulted in Rosen on the ground crying, playing the victim.

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