Video: President Trump Delivers Remarks On Census Citizenship Question

2 thoughts on “Video: President Trump Delivers Remarks On Census Citizenship Question

  1. Thank you President Trump for the citizen question. And yes there are a lot more illegal immigrants
    here than people think. There is no rational reason for trying to block the citizen question. And I believe there’s a movement to take back California. And they’re doing it in a sly and sneaky way. There has been two moves made already. One was to make California a country of it’s own separate from the US. That idea didn’t fly; so they tried to seperate southern California from northern California, as separate states; so they can work on taking it one piece at a time right under our nose. President Trump is saving this country in more ways than one. Thank you President Trump, William Barr and all other supporters. Also it should be noted that there needs to be other ways of tracking illegals because people don’t put honest answers on the Census as to how many people are living in a home.


  2. How many people know IT WAS OBAMA who removed the citizenship question on the census in 2010? He also changed the citizenship oath. NO ONE took an oath of office on the Qur’an before this dick wad was planted in the office of POTUS, Obummer was definitely working to disassemble America. they also need to put back the terrorist flash words in intelligence and military training.


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