Barack Obama’s Brother Endorses Donald Trump for President…Again

Barack Obama's Brother Endorses Trump for President

Barack Obama’s Brother Endorses Donald Trump for President…Again

Barack Obama‘s brother Malik Obama took to Twitter to announce his endorsement of Donald Trump for President in the 2020 election. This should not come as a surprise, as Malik endorsed President Trump in 2016 as well.

Malik tweeted a 20 dollar bill with “TRUMP” written on it, with arrows pointing to the 20’s.

See Tweet below:

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  1. If you REALLY believe that Obamas brother, REALLY sent the Dump a 20 spot with arrows pointing toward the 20’s, you may be inerested in 20 acres of OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY, located just 20 minutes west, of down town Topeka Kansas. Seller will finance, and install all utilities

    • He IS the half-brother of US President Barack Obama, and the son of Barack Obama Sr. and his first wife, Kezia. Since there’s no ocean in Kansas, I will pass on the RE deal. Belcher … proper name.

    • Actually, he supposedly tweeted it…so you are wrong about him sending a $20 to Trump.
      It would stand to reason that even if this were untrue, since Malik Obama supported Trump in 2016, he’ll be doing so again in 2020.
      Especially since America is doing so well under the Trump Administration…THRIVING, even.
      HOO-YAH & God Bless the Restoration of the Republic.

    • Yes he is, maybe you should do some research before commenting. His brother does not like him and did endorse Trump in 2016.

    • The article DID NOT claim he sent $20 to Trump. It claimed he TWEETED a photo. I know nothing about former President Obama’s brother. I know YOU are disputing a claim NO ONE made.

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