Video: Antifa attacks elderly man with crowbar

Video: Antifa attacks elderly man with crowbar


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Antifa Members Arrested in Portland

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List Of Antifa Members Arrested In Portland

Weapons Confiscated From Antifa During Portland Rally

Weapons confiscated from Antifa during protest in Berkeley

Donald Trump Jr. Speaks Out Against Antifa

15 thoughts on “Video: Antifa attacks elderly man with crowbar

  1. At some point they need to be labeled a terrorism group. So when a few get shot what then? More gun grabbing laws? What about the laws that are already in place about, physical harm to another individual, and what the phuk are they even going on about? I forget which dem it was who said antifa are peaceful protesters but I have failed to see anything peaceful about them. Antifa will be the least of our problems as long as dems have any power teaming toward socialism. When another civil war erupts blue states will fall the fastest, but we all lose. Especially since it will open us up to an Islamic uprise at the same time. If you have to ask how or why, you’re not paying attention.


    1. Tell me why the fuck the KKK are not labeled a terrorist organization?
      Lets make them first since they have been around for way longer.
      Decades longer!!


    1. These m f’ing verminous damned scum, coward, POS bitchs need to be shot. That is just what’s going to happen too. Maybe when a couple dozen of these PUNKS wind up shot along with their Marxist professor indoctrinated then things will change. Damned scum.


  2. They should make wearing masks and scarves illegal….and where are the police ….this is the Mayor fault for not allowing the police to interfere. Totally shameful….these people should just be violently stopped from doing this type of thing….they will all go running home to mama…


  3. they are totally a terrorist group. If they are so tough why do they cover their faces…. They don’t want people to see who they are. They all need to get their ass beat…


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