Video: Ilhan Omar agrees with AOC: US runs “concentration camps”

Ilhan Omar agrees with AOC: US runs “concentration camps”



One thought on “Video: Ilhan Omar agrees with AOC: US runs “concentration camps”

  1. If you refuse to answer questions pertaining to how you obtained legal citizenship into America then what other questions are you refusing to answer? Like who is your sponsor? Did you go through any of our government affiliations, answer any questions as to how you felt about America because, the last thing I see in you for America is no love, respect, appreciation or gratitude. Everything coming out of your mouth pertaining to America is hatred, disrespect. nothing we do here suites your life style. You want America to change our laws to suit your Islamic/Muslim laws. Since you refuse to answer any questions then I have to assume from your remarks and actions toward America, you hate America and the only thing you want is to turn America into Islamic Muslim Law. “Never happen” go home or wait, you keep up your attacks on America you maybe finding yourself in a serious state of “treason”. You may want to study what that “law” stands for. That is not a treat, it is good advise you may find out your not as smart as you think you are. Just because you tricked America to get into Congress does not make you a legal citizen. In your case far from it!!!


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