Muslim Woman Runs For Mayor Of Raleigh, North Carolina

Muslim Woman Runs For Mayor Of Raleigh, North Carolina

Zainab Baloch, a 28-year-old muslim of Pakistani descent, is running for Mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina.

In March, Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane announced she would not seek a fifth term.

According to reports:

Baloch is a numbers operation specialist at Even, a financial services company, and received her master’s degree in public administration from UNC-Chapel Hill in December.

The Raleigh native began her work in activism and community engagement but turned to politics because elected officials often lack that experience, she said.

In 2017, Baloch ran for one of the council’s two at-large district seats, coming in fifth place.

The election is on Oct. 8th 2019.

By Deplorable Kel

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35 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Runs For Mayor Of Raleigh, North Carolina

  1. No Muslims in politics in the USA. Their “religion” (which is really a political ideology) prohibits them pledging allegiance to anything but Allah. Therefore, they may not serve US interests. It must be stopped, before they take over like they are doing in Europe already!


  2. Before we say, no more muslims, we should reflect on our national history, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the works, and then agree that any citizen of this country with the requirements satisfied, can run for any office. In fact, if we are to be really free, we must support this position. The one place to say no to this candidate and to all others not wanted is at the ballot box. Dig into this candidate’s personal history of her sayings and writings, read everything available regarding this person, and then, with the details in mind, cast your vote in October.


    1. There ARE MANY Muslims in our country that ARE pro-liberty! If she is one of them, fine; if not, then NO WAY IN HELL!!!!!!


      1. I agree with Tony Spezio. Do the full pat-down verification of all the candidates and then, satisfied you have selected the best of them, vote.


    2. Are you blind, no MUSLIM in our government office of any kind they will not assimilate to our culture. you want to give them a chance then go to their country and vote for them.


  3. deception comes in many forms dont believe everything these muslims tell you good or bad, their history speaks for itself.


  4. Words can be easily spoken. And then the action changed after elected. This is dangerous for the american people. Absolutely not. America stand up now or our children and grand children will reap what we sow. And freedom will be lost. Its not that hard to understand this is their plan. Wake up America. Didnt our young girls in the 80s suffer enough?


  5. If the people there are stupid enough to elect her as their mayor then they deserve what they get. Not from the USA, 28 years old, no experience.


    1. Yea I agree Kim, North Carolina deserves it! – Btw i looked her up it mentions she was born in Raleigh. But still Kim i’m with you the deserve what they get.. You are so right!


  6. I don’t care what the Mantra they run on says, they are all Trojan Horses positoning them selves to take woman’s right and replace out Governement with Sharia LAw.


  7. We need to take back our government in 2020 no Muslims belong in our office let them go back to thier country and run for office there and fix thier own country.


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