There Are Over 900 Muslim Police Officers Serving In The NYPD

There are currently over 900 muslim police officers serving in the New York City Police Department.

In 2015, it was reported that there were 900 muslims serving in the NYPD. I’d imagine that number is much higher now, especially considering the former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was aiming to hire more muslims.

In 2015, reported:

Bratton said he wanted to hire more Muslim officers, because the threat of ISIS-related attacks on U.S. soil made it crucial to have stronger relationships with the local Muslim community.

The challenge to recruiting Muslim candidates, many of whom are new to the United States, is the requirement that officers finish 60 college credits, or about two years, and have U.S. citizenship, said John Miller, Deputy Commissioner Intelligence and Counterterrorism.

The department currently employs 900 Muslim officers with the highest-ranking Muslim a deputy inspector.


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