Video: Muslim Man Says Sharia Law Will Replace Canadian Law

Muslim Man Says Sharia Law Will Replace Canadian Law

Muslim Man Says Sharia Law Will Replace Canadian Law

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  1. I am reading all comments, what’s wrong with American and other comments. But my fellow citizen of true America, those who are electing these Muslims, they are not American, secratly their leader of Islam ‘Obama’ when he was president, what speech he has given then, when he said America Is no more Christian country, and then he promoted Islam everywhere, even in White House he has one room Islamic prayer. He is the who brought all Muslims from middle east & African countries, gave them asylum (Ilham is one of them), and his time of Presidency Christian’s were beheaded by Muslims. So this was all Obama’s plan way ahead to make this country a Islamic country. And that’s why President Trump trying to stop and keep America safe and keep Christians safe, but these demonic Democrats & liberals won’t allow him. And now these Democrats want all illegals so they can vote to them and Republicans could wipeout from America and all Christians either they denounce their faith or leave or be killed. And these Muslims are very soon takeover this country, through Congress & Senate. That’s why time is very short, we are in last days, before Lord Yeshua (Jesus Christ) will, Lord have chosen and appointed this man our President Trump, it will be very short time, and lot of prophecy about him in the Bible, I urge every true patriotic citizen to wake up and teach everyone one and encourage them to come out and vote only Republicans, if they want to save this beautiful country from destroyers, anti-America.

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