Facebook removes post about wanted kidnapper

Facebook removes post about wanted kidnapper

On May 15th I shared a video to my Facebook page, which was removed by Facebook shortly after sharing it. The video, originally shared from ABC7 , was of a woman attempting to kidnap a young child. The original post stated there was a desperate manhunt to find her, before she struck again. The post also stated that this was not the first time the woman had attempted to kidnap a child.

The post read:

MCDONALD’S KIDNAPPING: What you’re about to see is a kidnapping in progress.

A stranger grabs a little boy in a Downtown L.A. McDonald’s and nearly gets away with him before she’s scared off. But police say this wasn’t her only attempt. The desperate manhunt to find her before she strikes again

After sharing the video, I received a notification from Facebook stating that they removed my post, because it goes against their community standards.

How exactly is sharing a post about a wanted kidnapper, against their community standards?

Facebook is known for targeting and censoring conservatives, but this is a new low for them. It started with taking away our right to free speech, to Facebook protecting kidnappers.

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  1. Facecrook has been engaged in CENSORSHIP of conservative free speech at least since 2012 that I am aware of.

  2. Facebook is ‘aiding and abetting’,….that is what it is called in a United States Criminal Court.

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