Two Somali Refugees Defeated in Wisconsin Election

Two Somali Refugees Defeated in Wisconsin Election

Two former refugees from Somalia were recently defeated in the Barron City Council Election, in Wisconsin.

Isaak Mohamed and Faisal Ahmed, both former refugees from Somalia, who recently became U.S. citizens, were two of the three candidates, along with Barron-native Paul Solie.

According to reports,

In 2013, Mohamed said he was picked for resettlement in Albuquerque, New Mexico after being granted asylum by the U.S. After two months, a friend recommended he move to Barron, where he could find work at the Jennie-O Turkey Store or as a translator. In November, 2018, Mohamed became a U.S. citizen.

Ahmed has been a resident of Barron for 12 years, he became a U.S. citizen in 2015. According to reports, Ahmed is also a certified election judge, and has helped with voting at City Hall since last year.

The Primary Election was held on Feb. 19th, with Mohamed and Solie moving onto the General Election on April 2nd, where Solie defeated Mohamed.

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  1. I concur 100%. There are plenty of native-born individuals that are available to run for office. I agree with the above statement, “You come in legally and we will welcome you but our elections are for US born individuals..”

  2. Minnesota needs to follow what they are doing in Wisconsin. If you are not US born you have no place in elections within the US whatsoever!! You are not citizens and this goes for all foreign nationals. You come in legally and we will welcome you but our elections are for US born individuals.

  3. No business in country much less in office. Just wrong. they never fix their own. We send men to die for them and they run like cowards to a country not meant for them.

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