167-Year-Old Pennsylvania Church Will Become Islamic Mosque

A 167-year old Church in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania will soon become an islamic mosque.

According to The Morning Call:

Sunday morning marked the end of one kind of worship at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church and set the stage for the beginning of another.

The 167-year-old congregation held its final service at 417 Howertown Road in Catasauqua, bidding farewell to a house of worship that saw many offshoots in the region, including nearby Holy Trinity Memorial Lutheran Church. Many of the members of that church, likely to become a home for St. Paul’s congregants, joined their neighbors in the emotional service Sunday.

The property is poised for sale to the Almustafa Center, an Islamic congregation, according to church materials from Sunday’s service, a fact that has concerned some congregants.

Leonard Witt Jr., vice president of St. Paul’s church council, declined to name the prospective buyer Sunday, but confirmed that an agreement of sale was in place and would likely be settled by the end of June. The church property was listed for $1.4 million, Witt said.

The likelihood of another religion taking over worship at the church was confronted head-on by leaders during the service.

In his sermon, the Rev. Walter Wagner, an adjunct professor at the Moravian Seminary and professor of world religion at the Respect Graduate School for Islamic studies, urged congregants to “flush” whatever prejudices they may hold in relation to the Muslim faith and find gratitude that their beloved church would remain a holy place.

“This building will not become a bowling alley or a bar, not that I have anything against bowling alleys or bars,” Wagner said. “But this building will still be used for prayer. This will still be a place of worship.

“Witness and ministry are not tied to a piece of real estate. They’re portable,” he continued. “That’s the takeaway for today as you give yourselves the opportunity to serve in different ways.”


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5 thoughts on “167-Year-Old Pennsylvania Church Will Become Islamic Mosque

    1. Wake up America, get armed and protect yourself and your beliefs…holy place my ass, you must be smoking crack.


  1. It’s truly disgusting the way that moslims are being afforded the opportunity to walk right in and turn the U.S into Islamabad. The U.K made this mistake and look at them now. Bombings and stabbings committed by moslims are a daily occurance and the disarming of citizens done in favor of Islamic slaughter. Now the churches are aiding the killing in the name of a yet anither false prophet.

    I wish an eternity of torment upon the catholic traitors who are selling the souls of those who have been and will be slaughtered, for the silver gained by selling out the land. Islam has no rights to this land. As Muslims blow up and shoot up bus loads of Christians, the Catholic church supports the islamic expansion!

    On behalf of my fallen brethren and those innocents slain by islam, I say to the one’s aiding Islam, may you burn either by Islamic fire torture or by the hands of those of us fighting them off bacause your political correctness.


  2. It’s a shame no property in the United States should be sold to Muslims Muslims are the scourge of the Earth I need to be eliminated


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