Utah Organization Aims To Get Muslims On The Ballot


Utah Muslim Civic League is an organization that seeks to get muslim candidates on the ballot.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune:

Utah’s Muslim community has mushroomed from a simple student-led prayer group in the 1950s to more than 60,000 adherents of varied ethnicities and a dozen mosques today.

It has produced doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs and leaders contributing to the state in virtually every field — except politics.

The recently organized Utah Muslim Civic League aims to fill that gap.

Launched just before last fall’s midterm elections, the league worked to register Muslim voters, brought candidates to the closest mosque and hosted phone banks on behalf of several candidates. Going forward, organizers plan to register more Muslim voters as well as sponsor community forums and town hall meetings so Muslims can meet the candidates and pose pointed questions to them.

“We are looking to educate and advocate for our vulnerable populations so any policymaker can understand what we stand for,” Luna Banuri, a member of the league’s board, said at the group’s inaugural luncheon Tuesday at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. “We are trying to find candidates for volunteer positions in township and school districts.”

In terms of political action, she said, the team hopes to one day have Muslim candidates for office and, before that, to have Muslim congressional staffers who can begin to build a network of support.

“We do want to create alliances with different parties and officials,” Banuri said, “who understand what our issues are.”

In the About section on Utah Muslim Civic League’s Facebook page, it states:

Engaging Muslims in civic activities; Respond to Muslims’ collective concerns and issues; and empower Muslims as involved citizens and leaders.
Also on on their Facebook page, it states:
Our Impact

With a constituency of 60,000 Muslims and an active voter base of over 15,000 registered Muslim voters, we demonstrated in the 2018 elections that the Muslim vote matters and counts. Many of our constituents are immigrants and refugees from 120 different nationalities. Given their experience with a corrupt system in their home country, the perceived notion was that their vote does not matter or count. We proved this notion false in key election that was decided by just over 600 votes.

The Utah Muslim Civic League is just one of many organizations helping muslim candidates win elections. See a list of more organizations here.


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3 thoughts on “Utah Organization Aims To Get Muslims On The Ballot



  2. They are working hard to take over the government and then make their own rules. When America is no more there is no place else to go. We are at war for America.


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