Pakistani-born Muslim running for office in Florida

Pakistani Lawyer Running for Office in Florida


Khurrum Wahid, a Pakistani Muslim Lawyer, is a candidate for Coral Springs City Commission, Seat 2 in Florida.

According to reports, Wahid has a track record of defending accused terrorists and associating with Muslim Brotherhood-backed groups.

In 2012, The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Born in Pakistan, Wahid honed his legal chops post-9-11 when he started “representing immigrants detained for questioning in the wake of the terrorist attacks,” according to the Miami News Times. He also co-founded Florida Muslim Bar Association and serves as its current president.

Since 2004, Wahid has represented a man convicted of plotting a subway station bombing, as well as a Florida doctor who was sentenced for “conspiring to treat wounded al Qaeda militants,” the News Times reports.

Wahid currently represents a father-son team of imams who stand accused of providing material support to the Pakistani Taliban. The 20-page federal indictment against the duo claims that they bankrolled the purchase of guns and paid to send kids to an Islamic school that taught them how to slay Americans in Afghanistan.

According to a report by the Sunshine State News’ Kenric Ward, “Wahid has spoken at an event sponsored by the American arm of the South Asian Muslim Brotherhood (Jamaat-e-Islami) and the Islamic Circle of North America, an organization that has been connected to the financing of both al-Qaida and Hamas.”

Wahid is the Chair of eMgage Action, an organization aimed to increase the number of muslims serving in government at all levels.

The election is on June 18, 2019.


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