First Female Muslim Mayor Elected in the U.S.

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First Female Muslim Mayor Elected in the U.S.

Sadaf Jaffer was sworn in as Mayor of Montgomery Township, New Jersey in January 2019. Jaffer is believed to be the first female muslim Mayor in the U.S.

Jaffer grew up in Chicago with her parents – her mother an immigrant from Pakistan and her father from Yemen. Jaffer and her husband, Dan Sheffield, moved to New Jersey and settled in Montgomery Township in 2012.

According to reports,

In 2016, the Republican incumbents in Montgomery were running unopposed and so Jaffer mounted a write-in campaign for township committee. She didn’t win that year, but she did get on the ballot in 2017 and won a seat. Last November, Democrats took control of the committee and Jaffer was chosen by her fellow committee members to be the mayor.

According to Jaffer’s Facebook page, she met with Barack Obama when she was in the “Future Leaders of Chicago” program and Obama was an Illinois State Senator. Jaffer wrote that she still remembers the hope she felt the night Obama was elected President.

More recently, Jaffer met with Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Jaffer took to Facebook to post photos of herself and the Congresswoman and wrote that she was surprised Tlaib hugged her and said she had heard of Jaffer’s work.

Unsurprisingly, unlike her feelings for Obama and the radical congresswomen, Jaffer is anti-President Trump. Jaffer has written several anti-Trump posts on social media. In one post, Jaffer calls President Trump a disgrace. In another post, she calls him a pathological liar and a sociopath. Jaffer has also spoke out against President Trump while defending Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.


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