Muslim Man Running for Virginia State Senate

Muslim Man Running for Virginia State Senate

Qasim Rashid is a Democratic Candidate for Virginia State Senate in District 28.

Rashid is a muslim man who was born in Pakistan. 

According to Rashid’s Facebook page, Tim Kaine is his old law school professor. Not only was Kaine his professor, but they have remained friends. 

Rashid is endorsed by Emgage Action, a political organization aimed at getting muslims elected in the U.S. 

Rashid will face Democrat Laura Sellers in the Primary Election on June 11th 2019. The winner will face Republican incumbent Richard H. Stuart.


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  1. The Muslims has said that they would take America from with-in. That’s just what’s happening. They have always hated Americans and every one else who wouldn’t convert to their religion. They have Sharia Law, and they show no mercy . Killing is second nature to them. Since I am both American and Christian there’s no doubt what would happen to me .

  2. I feel badly that one must refuse Muslim candidates, but it is their own religion that says it is all right to lie to to infidels, which is most Americans. And we have learned the fallacy of believing them.

  3. Can’t people see where this is headed? Oh, some may say,”Well, we don’t stop Catholics or Jews from running for office…”. But Catholics and Jews are not trying to change our laws over to Papal Law or Rabbinical Law, while Muslims are intent on establishing Sharia Law in this nation !

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