Two Muslim Candidates Head to Runoff Election in Texas


Naushad Kermally and Nabila Mansoor will move forward to the runoff election for Sugar Land City Council District 2, after receiving the most votes in the May 4th election.

Naushad Kermally received 1,634 votes, or 39.16%, and Nabila Mansoor received 1,428 votes, or 34.22%.

According to reports, Mansoor is a Muslim who was born in Canada and parents came from Pakistan.

Kermally, also a Muslim, was born in Kampala, Uganda and his parents are from India.

Mansoor and Naushad Kermally will face one another in the runoff election on June 8th 2019.

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6 thoughts on “Two Muslim Candidates Head to Runoff Election in Texas

  1. They are not born here they should not be allowed to run for office who are the idiots voting them in do u need a picture to show u what their plan is for u! Wake up Texas!


      1. Your the Idiot they need to go back to there own country and clean up there own hell holes.


    1. U are the fucking devil that is trying to take over our country get the hell out all u illegal shit holes and go back where u belong in your own hell holes


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