Political Organization Seeks To Get Muslims Elected In Georgia

Political Organization Seeks To Get Muslims Elected In Georgia

I-PAC Georgia : Independent Political Action Committee is an organization that seeks to get muslims, and those who represent the interests of muslims, elected in Georgia.

On I-PAC Georgia’s Facebook page, it states:

I-PAC is a nonpartisan organization that strengthens, promotes, and protects citizenship and representation for Georgia’s Muslim Americans through political engagement. Founded in August 2016, I-PAC is steered by a group of individuals passionate about supporting those candidates and elected officials who respect and represent the interests of American Muslims in the state of Georgia. From educating politicians and endorsing candidates to inspiring active citizenship and promoting inclusiveness, we are dedicated to inclusivity, justice, and fairness for all Americans.

I-PAC Georgia recently released a statement celebrating their accomplishments, stating that they now have friends in powerful positions.

In the statement, I-PAC Georgia wrote:

Friends of I-PAC,

You helped make 2018 a great success for Georgia Muslims.

2018 Annual Objective: Get to know our elected government representatives and get our elected leaders to know us as respected,contributing members of our State.

What we accomplished:
We now have friends in powerful positions at the Georgia Capitol.

I-PAC Georgia then goes onto list candidates who they endorsed, and were elected in 2018. That list includes:


Zahra Karinshak

Sheikh Rahman

Jen Jordan

Sally Harrell


Pedro Marin

Sam Park

Brenda Lopez

Angelika Kausche

Beth Moore

Josh Mclaurin

Mike Wilensky

Mary Robichaux

Betsy Holland

Matthew Wilson


Hank Johnson

Lucy Mcbath

After listing the elected candidates, I-PAC Georgia wrote:

What this means for our community:
Government leaders know the American Muslim community in Georgia, and they know they won with our support.
 How have we made this much progress in a short 2 year timespan?

Raised awareness that political interaction is imperative for our long term welfare in the American system

Increased our voter participation which was noticed and highlighted by the candidates, local press, and the community we represent

House parties hosted by community leaders on behalf of local candidates with the purpose of building relationships with political leaders

Endorsements of candidates who value inclusivity and respect for all

Collaborations with other organizations with common objectives

What’s Next for I-PAC:

Engaging elected leaders to hold them accountable through:


One-on-one interviews

Forging relationships with candidates for 2020 elections (already underway!)

Increasing awareness within the community via events and social media

Hiring a staff member to provide increased value via Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, and Website

Establishing alliances with national organizations who share our values and objectives

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6 thoughts on “Political Organization Seeks To Get Muslims Elected In Georgia

  1. Muzzies are about inclusiveness, fairness, human and civil rights, then once they have majority power and control, reclassify the political entity an Islamic State with shariah compliant. They then oust synagogues, churches, cathedrals, temples a
    D even atheist places. Homos, sword fighters are not tolerated as the cornran tells them its a sultry and anything at all done to a non-muzzy is allowable by momo the pedo whom married a six year old girl and attacked her at 9 year old . They’ll control free speech and right to defend oneself. An attack from them on anyone non muzzy is an attack in us all !!!!! Heads up !!!!


  2. I will never support a Muslim here in Georgia. How can anyone with half a brain not realize what is going on here. The quran tells them it’s ok to lie, to get the outcome you want. They do not coexist they want total domination over everyone. They want Sharia Law, and to do away with Our Constitutional rights, and treat women as less than human. You people that vote for these Muslims, you reap what you sow, and you are taking the rest of us with you. I will not ever change my faith, and I will not bow and be subservient to these treacherous murdering thugs. I am and will always be an INFIDEL.


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