Live: Climate change activists superglue themselves to globe at Universal Studios

Climate change activists superglue themselves to globe at Universal Studios



According to reports:

Climate-change protesters climbed and superglued themselves to the globe at Universal Studios in Universal City on Monday, calling on NBC and Universal to take action on climate change.

According to a press release, members of Extinction Rebellion LA scaled the legendary structure at Universal City Walk at lunchtime, in order to send a “clear message to NBC and the business community” about steps they can take on the climate crisis. 

Extinction Rebellion LA sent the following list to NBC, asking they do the following:

1. That NBC/Universal declares that we are indeed in a Climate and Ecological Emergency – that the extinction of the natural world is happening, that we are facing the collapse of civilization.

2.  That NBC/Universal will tell the whole truth about our climate and ecological emergency, including the failure of the US Government to respond with appropriate action/preparedness planning until now.

3. That NBC reject all advertising from fossil fuel corporations, agrees to be zero-carbon by 2025, and publish a public, annual eco-audit of all NBC/Universal operations, including summary of key ecological and carbon data.

4. That NBC only permit think-tank spokespersons or lobbyists on the air to discuss the climate and ecological emergency whose funding is made fully transparent to your viewers in each and every case.


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