Political Organization seeks to get muslims elected in Kansas City

KC Muslim Civic Initiative is a political organization aimed at getting muslims elected in Kansas City, Missouri.

On their website, it states:

We are a direct action group organizing Muslims in KC to be politically engaged and represented.


The KC Muslim Civic Initiative organizes Muslims in Kansas City to overcome the stigma surrounding politics, take ownership of their narratives, and foster a progressive social identity and political impact.


  1. EDUCATION – to raise awareness of government affairs within the Muslim community and provide political education and training.
  2. UNITY – to promote unity among Kansas City’s diverse Muslim community and civic and social justice organizations.
  3. ENGAGEMENT – to increase Muslim voter turnout in elections and connect constituents to government officials.
  4. REPRESENTATION – to identify Muslim leaders and support them in reaching government positions.


MCI–KC was started by students and workers frustrated by the lack of Muslim representation in public life. While working to organize Muslims in preparation for the 2016 General Election, we were met with some skepticism, but a lot of enthusiasm as well. That November, we met to start an organization that would bring together Muslim students, parents and faith leaders in supporting civic campaigns, and since then, we have worked to foster a stronger community for a better future.

This is just one of several organizations helping muslims get elected in the U.S. You can read about the other organizations here.

Wake up America! The take over has begun!

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4 thoughts on “Political Organization seeks to get muslims elected in Kansas City

  1. Mr. America…You have a cancer amoung you which will consume you. You desperatly need to start Radiation treatments RIGHT NOW !!


  2. It’s past time to pay attention! Are the alarm bells going off in your head yet or is there no historical place in your brain that says this is familiar territory in history? Marrying 10 year olds off to old men, throwing gays off buildings, genital mutilations and beating women are not American values. But they will be soon if we don’t get our head out of our ass (video games, social media, television, movies). Sharia law is taking hold over our Constitution in the courts.


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