1 thought on “Video: Women crash Linda Sarsour’s speaking event”

  1. Barbie G. – Well I worked in the catering business before obtaining a job as a Library assistant with our School District. My interests include English Springer Spaniels (I have 2 ) ,I also collect different rocks and crystals , Florescent rocks etc. , I'm a member of PETA, I also support President Trump and recently became a member of the women for Trump. I love to cook, Garden, and I love Dewey Beach, DE. I'm married. I have been watching The Walking Dead since the series began 9 years ago. (It will be starting it's 10th year in October. I love all my family especially my nephew Stephen that is starting his first year at Temple University. I also love decorating for the Holidays. Halloween I have a big display of life size figures which include werewolves, Witches, Zombies, Skeleton dogs , a Grave Yard, fog Machines and much more . Christmas it looks like Rockefeller Center here.Everything is lit up and I have beautiful displays as well. Same with Easter. I'm Catholic. and I guess that sums it up for the most part.

    Not many are happy with these 2 Muslims in office with access to our secret documents! Not At All! They won’t be there long trust me. Sharia Law doesn’t belong in this country! Time will show! America is sick and tired of it. These Muslims need to know their just being USED to get Muslim votes for 2020. then they’ll cast them aside like garbage.

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