Congressman Lee Zeldin Calls Out Ilhan Omar

Video: Congressman Lee Zeldin Calls Out Ilhan Omar

5 thoughts on “Video: Congressman Lee Zeldin Calls Out Ilhan Omar”

  1. Bravo to Rep. Lee Zeldin for his strong actions against anti-Jew and anti-Israel comments by Muslim member Rep. Omar.

  2. Omar represents the United States of America. The chambers of government belong to the people. The people of the United States employ these people.
    Omar owes the American people, which includes every nationalty, ethnic background, color or religious beliefs an apology. She should not trying to alienate us, but bring us together. She started off on the wrong foot, but only she can fix it.

  3. CAIR WANTS APOLOGIES for Congresswoman Omar, when it seems she needs to restrain herself from critical remarks against Israel ? If she can’t accept Israel as our good ally, SHE should step down from Congress! Allegiance is required in Congress, if you are to represent USA, not work against it !

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