CAIR Calls for Firing of Fox Host Judge Jeanine Pirro Over Criticizing Ilhan Omar


CAIR has called for the firing of Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro, after Judge Pirro criticized Ilhan Omar.

Omar has criticized our President and has made several anti-semitic comments, but yet whenever anyone speaks out against Omar, the left cries for them to be punished.

CAIR released a statement on their website, that reads:


CAIR Calls for Firing of Fox Host Jeanine Pirro Over Attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Hijab

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 3/10/19) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization, today called for the firing of Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro over her attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) decision to wear an Islamic head scarf, or hijab.

In the first segment of her Saturday night program, falsely claimed Omar’s decision to wear hijab is “antithetical to the U.S. Constitution.”

SEE: Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Attacks Rep. Ilhan Omar for Wearing Hijab (Rolling Stone)

“Such an open and un-American expression of religious bigotry should be rejected by any media outlet seeking even a modicum of credibility,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “Jeanine Pirro should be fired, and Fox News should apologize to its viewing audience.”

Awad also called for an advertiser boycott of the program until Pirro is fired.

Last week, CAIR joined a coalition of Muslim and Jewish groups at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to announce a letter of support for Rep. Omar who the groups believe was smeared with disingenuous charges of anti-Semitism.

Video: CAIR Joins Coalition of Muslim, Jewish Groups in Support of Rep. Ilhan Omar
North Dakota Lawmaker Says She was Threatened for Supporting Rep. Ilhan Omar

CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.

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  1. We shouldn’t ever have had muslims living in USA. In the late 70s we had them cleared out and now theres even more! They want to ruin our country and we as Americans cant let that happen. I cant believe we have so many in government from local to federal. This isn’t good.

  2. If judge Jeanine is let go from fox I will no longer continue to watch fox news the judge was correct in her statement, and there is plenty more American people who will agree.

  3. Si they did not like Judge Janine’s comments….what about Omar’s antisemític comments and Congress did nothing about it and the main stream media insults Jewish, the first family, etc. And no one else say anything. She should stay in her program and if the left don’t like it, it’s their problem. I am sick and tired that the left think they can say anything and get away with it, but if the right say anything they don’t agree with, then they want to cancel programs etc.

  4. In regards to our favorite FOX opinion person Judge Pirro—-What about what the American citizens want. Why is FOX doing what the stranger Muslim groups request. Just shows proof of them taking over our country and our society and our laws our airways our communication our free speech and freedoms. Judge Pirro gave an important, right on the spot speech on her open regarding what is going on in our government especially in regard to Omar’s remarks and FOX apologizes to the group CAIR instead of standing up for a person telling the TRUTH. What is wrong with FOX and the rest of media? There should have been a very different response to CAIR without making it bad for everyone else.

  5. We all love the Judge !!! She says what we all would like to say. She has freedom of speech rights too. Keep up the good work Judge, that towel head ,America hating, Muslim how needs to get out of our government and out of our country!!!

  6. Wake up Americans!!! We are going to lose our country if you don’t. I always thought Obama was the anti christ from the beginning and he sat us up for what is going on today. I am ashamed to say I am a registered democrat but I assure you I did not vote for that evil man. We the people need to put an end to the crap that is going on in the good old USA immediately before it gets worse!!!!

  7. This is going to be great! I want CAIR to start! Go ahead! And guess what>? that hajib wearing weirdo will have to be fired as well..For all the slurs and BS she is taunting about our Great Leader!! She isn’t important to the American people.. the Democrats just want her tho “think” she is for the votes. judge Jeanne on the other hand has a huge massive fan base. that knows all about Laws. See in America if a rag on the head muslim can insult our Leader, as h can’t in her country or she’d be beheaded, WE here have Freedom of Speech !! REMEMBER.??? So…Think again…

  8. Tell her there’s plenty of other news stations to watch. Freedom of Speech? That rag on the head wearing weirdo can say Trump is inhuman ? Hey CAIR! Don’t push it.!.If you want to start this we’ll finish it! Then we will make sure SHE’S Fired for all her rhetoric about our Great Leader! Go ahead!!! We can’t wait!

  9. Omar’ s position & views are not aligned with our country- very confused how she was even elected.
    I will continue to watch and support Jeanine Pirro.
    Go away Omar.

  10. It’s OK for everyone else to criticize or say things about our president make lies about him but when something said about them right away they want to Fire Judge Jeanine no way she did nothing wrong I’m behind you 100% Judge Jeanine Pierot love you

  11. Lol! Freedom of speech! Freedom of the press, Judge Jeannie is one of the safest individual who speaks and tells truth! This is America, you conform to our country, not the other way around!!

  12. Lol! Freedom of speech, freedom of the press! Judge Jeannie is one of the sanest individual speaking and telling the truth. The one that should be fired is Omar!! This is America you conform to our country when you come here, not the other way around 😉

  13. I agree 100% with Jeanine Pirro. This is USA 🇺🇸 and when you come to this country you are to simulate and Love ❤️ Our Country and Our American Values. Which, Omar has demonstrated that she does not. Omar is the one who should be fired for spewing ani-semetism, hate and racism especially against the Jewish people.

  14. Don’t let the Organization CAIR fool you CAIR is a terrorist organization masquerading as a human rights organization in this country, it’s run by the Muslim brotherhood and financed by Hamas. You can search online and find CAIR’s plan for the conquest of the American-civilization Jihad, (it Will scare you out of your pants.) this organization should be stripped of its powers in this country, it’s nothing but a front for terrorists! Remember Islamaphobia is a word the Muslims made up to guilt trip anyone that doesn’t believe in their political dogma. The American people better do something soon, or the country that we love, the place the world flocks to from every corner of the planet will disappear forever.

  15. You get rid of the judge by telling the truth but keep a woman that’s full of hate she woman needs to go back where she came from instead of appreciating a country that gave a home you going around Spewing hate

  16. They better not fire her cuz she was only telling the TRUTH & in my opinion, no Muslims has any rights to be running in our higher office at all. She should be tried & sentenced for TREASONS committed & then hung at new wall where illegals comes in at

  17. The only person who should be fired is Omar because of her comments and the fact that she committed fraud against the country when she married her brother, so that he could become a citizen while she was married to another man and has lied about it. However, there is a paper trail that was found by Laura Loomer and crew to prove this. She did not swear on the Bible and does not believe in constitutional law.Judge Jeanine is a wonderful person who speaks the truth. Personally, I think she should run for office again and/or keep her job of informing the people. Her show is an opinionated show; she was expressing her opinion; she has free speech just like Omar who I think should have been removed from the foreign affairs committee. Shame on Nancy Pelosi.


  19. If she believes in America why is she wearing the head dress to begin she is not in her Country and she sits on American soil in American Congress this is wrong in my books.. leave Judge Jeannie alone she is correct and people like how she tells it like it is !!!!

  20. Who cares what she wears on her head? Its what comes out of her evil mouth and tthe decidedlly unequal protection she is getting from the Democrats that is at issue. The people of Minnesota elected her so its up to them to vote next time but she doesn’t have to have any special attention or committee appointments that normally go to much more experienced legislators. King spoke out of turn and lost his. Nobody had to fumble about and water down a condemnatiohn to hand him a “victory” to wave about.

  21. Ilhan Omar needs to Step down ASAP , CAIR is a Terrorisr sympathizer group. Ilhan calls for the Defunding of DHS 🤔 Took her oath on the Quran 🤔.I want to hear her say she loves Isreal and embraces the Jewish faith with love..Otherwise remove the incest brother marrying terrorist

    • I am for starting a petition to get this crazy woman out of congress and most of all get her out of the United States….she doesn’t belong here…..she is not a patriot, but she is evil!!

  22. Who cares what they think or said, Judge Jeanine is correct because our Constitution prohibited to wear anything in the head.

    This people coming to our nation, using our resources, we feed them, live in our money and now they believe we must now to them ???

    Ha! They not even warm.

  23. I dont care if she is Muslim or what ever. That evil head scarf wearing Congress woman Omar should be removed for congress. She is the biggest racists of all. And you dam Democrats come after me. I dear you. You bunch of hypocrites back stabbing sell outs. We the people are tired of your one sided agenda propaganda sell outs. You are going to be remove from office. One way or another. You are suppose to separate church and state
    And that head scarf is a symbol of religion. Fucking Hypocrite . Just remember Karma is a bitch.

  24. The only one that should be fired is Omar. She is not a legal representive of the United States. She refused to be sworn in on our Bible, and has continued to belittle our Country and threatened our President. It seems like it is okay to threaten our people, but once someone calls them on it. That person is fired or worse killed. This not the way our God.fearing Flag waving people want to see our Country run. You think you are in control, but I just want you to know, that isn’t true. Watch for the wrath of God, He will be bringing justice down on us all. Are you ready to meet our Maker? I know I am, and I praying for you all.

  25. Judge JeAnine shes simply the best. She sAys it as it is. Why silence her Fox News?!! Congresscreatures anti semitism is lightly brushed off in Congress and Fox is worried about Jeanine questioning that creatures hijab?

  26. Are u kidding me? Omar needs to go! She’s anti Semitic, not an American. Did not take the oath of office on our bible, says she will not assimilate to the USA. She will not uphold the laws of our constitution. So, she needs to go. Congress is not a place for an anti American. I STAND WITH JUDGE JEANINE!!!!

  27. We should ban any and all organizations that promotes Islam over America…And we need to beef up I.C.E. and get rid of every single illegal immigrant in the country…Vote for term limits…OMAR should be thrown out of the country for illegal marriage of HER OWN BROTHER..To commit immigration fraud….That alone should void her congressional seat..Photo voter I.D. needs to become law…

  28. What the Judge says is correct. Islam and Sharia law are not compatible with the U.S. CONSTITUTION and American culture. Islam is a military and political system masquerading masquerading as a religion so they can use our First Amendment Freedom of Religion against us. Muslims can lie to the infidel to promote Islam. Thus they cannot be trusted. The Muslim Brotherhood state they will destroy the western civilization from within. The goal is World Islam. Americans need to wake up to the threat of Islam. They need to see what has happened with the Muslim invasion of Europe and not let it happened in this country. The DemonRATS and these corporate pinheads are selling out the country. Omar swore into office on the Quran, which states the infidels, which includes the Jews, will have to convert to Islam, become a slave or be dead.

  29. Pirro should get a raise! Shes spot on with her comments. Muslims are going to try and take this country over. They will Not assimilate. Take our country back in 2020.

  30. Good luck with that. Judge Jeanine knows what she’s talking about. It’s about time someone tells the truth about these Muslims that are trying take over OUR COUNTRY! Lose the hijabs, take the oath on the Bible and assimilate or leave!!

  31. Leave Judge Jeannine Pirro alone. She speaks the truth. As I understand it, the hijab is against the dress code of Congress. Omar should be impeached and removed from Congress for her anti-American language and beliefs.

  32. How about firing Omar and deporting her back to the desert she came from, We’re fed up with people saying they don’t like the countries they came from and then wanting to make America exactly like the country they came from. GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA!!!!!!!

  33. How dare they! We have heard nothing but Extreme criticism by the whole evil bunch of democrats toward our President and none have been censored for their behavior. It is a very loud minority of people who send this message, if the sponsors turn their backs on Jeanine pirro, then we should turn our backs on their products.

  34. There is no place for anti-semetism in our government. Also, there should not be any place for Islam in our country either! If this Muslim can have free speech, then so can our beloved Jeanine Pirro!

  35. BULLSHIT ! Send all of these asshats back where they come from. Where do these people get off trying to dictate what we say and as far as I’m concerned they have no rights in my country ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  36. BS you fire Jeanine we all will boycott your butt. Screw CAIR. Don’t need this crap in America. The American people is tired of this BS. Go back all of you were the hell you came from.

  37. Judge Jeanine’s only “fault” is stating the truth. Omar is anti-Semitic, un-American, and her attitude can be shown in her own words. Facts are pesky things, especially for CAIR and their ilk. DON’T EVER give in to these Muslim bullies or think of firing Justice Jeanine. We need her and her voice more than ever.

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