Jetpac hosts banquet to celebrate and discuss “America Muslim political power”

On March 2nd, Jetpac hosted the 2019 Fellowship Banquet to celebrate and discuss “American Muslim political power.”

Jetpac is an organization that seeks to to have Muslims at all levels of the Government. On their website it states, “Jetpac seeks to build a strong American Muslim political infrastructure and increase our community’s influence and engagement. We will take our place at the table across all levels of government.”

Jetpac sent out an email about the event, that reads:

What Does Political Power Look Like?

This is a question we’re often thinking about at Jetpac—and it’s a question we want to answer for the American Muslim community. Is it record high numbers of candidates? Is it increased representation in our Congress? Is it Rep. Tlaib calling out a “racist act” by Rep. Meadows at the Cohen hearing, or Rep. Omar speaking against the influence of AIPAC in our political system?

It’s all of that—and more. Because it’s not just about running, or winning, or speaking truth to power for our community. It’s about having the infrastructure in place—a political engine that drives our community—to achieve long-term, systemic change.
On Saturday evening at 6PM, at the Connors Center in Dover MA, we’ll be celebrating and discussing American Muslim political power at our 2019 Fellowship Banquet. Nadeem and Shaun are going to speak to their vision for American Muslim organizing. And our speakers (below) will be telling their stories about helping their communities realize that dream.

This event is our only major fundraising event for the year, and it’s the start of a campaign that will raise funds for a new Organizer Trainer that will double our capacity to activate and support community leaders across the country.

If you’re unable to attend the event, please consider making a donation online or by mailing a check (address in the footer of this email).
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Read below for more information about our Saturday night speakers!

Tahirah Amatul-Wadud
A graduate of Jetpac’s Public Service Fellowship, Tahirah ran for Congress in western MA in the 2018 cycle. As a first time political candidate, she secured 30% of the vote in her district against a 30-year incumbent. Her campaign ran an incredibly efficient, grassroots-focused effort that won all of Franklin County, pushed Tahirah into the national media spotlight, and changed the conversation in MA’s First District.

Ihssane Leckey
A current member of the Jetpac Public Service Fellowship, Ihssane is using her organizing training to build coalitions for grassroots advocacy in her hometown of Brookline and the surrounding area. Her organizing team has been pushing for Medicare for All, and other progressive reforms: recently phone-banking Reps. Neal and Kennedy to get them to sign on for Rep. Jayapal’s act which was launched yesterday.

Dr. Mohammad Dar
A recent graduate of the Jetpac Public Service Fellowship, Dr. Mohammad “MoDar” Dar announced his 2020 campaign for Congress earlier this month. MoDar, who is a first-generation American, is hoping to represent the 8th Congressional District of MA. He has a wealth of experience in healthcare policy, and as a progressive organizer. Modar has been training with Jetpac since early 2017.

On the Facebook event page, it reads:

Join Jetpac for our 2019 Fellowship Banquet at the Connors Center in Dover, MA on the evening of March 2nd.
We cordially invite you to this inspiring event as we celebrate the success of 2018, highlight new graduates of our Public Service Fellowship, and introduce a new cohort of leaders ready to take on the challenge of representing their communities.

On the heels of a record-breaking year for American Muslim political candidates, we’ll be celebrating Jetpac’s work and you’ll have the opportunity to hear from civic leaders who are helping to change the face of American politics. Jetpac’s co-founders Nadeem Mazen and Shaun Kennedy will share their vision for American Muslim civic organizing through 2020 and will introduce the newest cohort of Jetpac’s Fellows who are ready to play a major role in the changing political landscape.

Many muslim candidates won elections in 2018. Jetpac is just one of several organizations helping to prepare muslims to run for office. Expect to see many more muslims running in 2020.

Wake up America!



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