Video: Teacher Defends ISIS

A video has surfaced on YouTube of an anti-Trump teacher, defending ISIS to the students in her class. In the video, the teacher states:

They were killing all the people, all the people like us. Just bombing the cities. And there were all these little orphan kids. All these little orphan kids. And I always said to everybody,  you know what, you wait about 10 years, you wait, you wait 10 to 15 years you wait. That’s exactly who ISIS is! It’s all those people that were basically orphaned and then basically they started. They were destroyed. Their families were destroyed. They watched their dads, their moms, their uncles, all die, and they were by themselves and they had no one to teach them anything.

In another video, the teacher states that she does not trust President Trump and demands that the student stop recording her.

See videos below:

5 thoughts on “Video: Teacher Defends ISIS

  1. Then she needs to go educate the islamic state and if she lives through it she can post another video telling us of her success. And never return back to the US.


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