Organizations aimed at getting more Muslims elected in the United States Government

Organizations aimed to get more Muslims elected in the United States Government

Below is a list of organizations that focus on helping Muslims get elected to the United States Government.

Emgage Action is a political organization that “seeks to mobilize its members to advocate for issues that define who American Muslims are by what they stand for.” On Emgage Action’s website, it states: “Our goal is to increase the number of Muslim Americans serving in government at all levels.”

Jetpac is another organization that seeks to to have Muslims at all levels of the Government. On their website it states, “Jetpac seeks to build a strong American Muslim political infrastructure and increase our community’s influence and engagement. We will take our place at the table across all levels of government.”

The Muslim Democratic Club of New York (MDCNY) “seeks to support Democratic candidates and increase the number of registered and active American Muslim Democratic voters in NYC.” Linda Sarsour is the co-founder of MDCNY.

IL Muslim Civic Coalition states on their FB page, “Our goal is to Collaborate and Amplify the efforts of serving our cities, state, and nation.”  

The Pluralism Project “By training Muslim candidates in the skills they need to run for and win political office, we intend to empower Muslims to take back control of their narrative in the American experience”        

United States Council of Muslim Organizations “The USCMO, a political party for Muslims and the first religion-based political party in U.S. history, formalized its commitment to Muslim candidates at its founding in 2014.”

KC Muslim Civic Initiative is a political organization aimed at getting muslims elected in Kansas City, Missouri.

I-PAC Georgia : Independent Political Action Committee is an organization that seeks to get muslims, and those who represent the interests of muslims, elected in Georgia.

Utah Muslim Civic League is an organization that seeks to get muslim candidates on the ballot.

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  1. To be Muslim, us to be anti american. Based in the fact that it is against the Constitution.
    By virtue of the fact these organizations exist, separation of church and state makes them illegal by the nature if them.

  2. They are not american nor birth here an can not serve in our goverment.nor should they be aloud too .kick them out of not not godly nor will they respect our ways

  3. ain’t gonna happen… ive lived under Balack Obama Bull shit for 8 years… I will not live under Muslim Bull shit… I’ll die first and be strong before I go down… what does that mean, well you know… eye for an eye…

  4. Remember the terror that attacked the World Trade Center took 10 years of planning so we must remember that some groups have a lot of patience. If your plan on is taking over a country their is a lot of changes that need to take place . One is to get into the positions of power and destroy from within, next is to be able to view all the security measures we put in place to protect our selfs then you can attack from within we must not forget who wants to destroy us and who is on their side it is simply so obvious to see who that is it’s the party of open borders free stuff for everyone and take from the hard working people and give to the useless.

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