Muslim Woman Seeks Pennsylvania House of Representatives Seat


Movita Johnson-Harrell is a muslim woman seeking election to Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 190. Johnson-Harrell is running in the general special election on March 12, 2019. She will face Republican Michael Harvey and two other candidates.

Johnson-Harrell is the Founder of The CHARLES Foundation, which advocates for more gun laws.

If she wins, Johnson-Harrell will be the first muslim Elected to Pa. House.

29 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Seeks Pennsylvania House of Representatives Seat”

  1. Stop this Insanity. The Radical Muslim’s are proving our stupidity. We are electing people to Congress that Hate US and America. WAKE UP !

  2. They are taking over. People are so stupid. Just think Dems. Your helping them get in, and when they do,,,, you Democrates with be pushed out. YOU WELL BE A NO BODY. DEMOCRATES ARE SO DUM. THEN THE WOMEN BRING THEIR MEN IN. JUST THINK ITS RIGHT INFRONT OF YOUR FACE. U notice it’s only women, who would strap a bomb on for their country

  3. This is the plan, take over the country through the political system. It has already started in Minnesota. You must oppose this or we will lose the country.

    1. Why are we letting people with this kind of thinking and beliefs in our government,this country was not founded on people reading the Quran,look where that culture came from,and look where our history and beliefs came from,the holy bible,this women stands with sharia law this is not the American way ,wake up and smell the coffee.

      1. The reason we are letting this happen is for 2 reasons. First the democrats treat them like every other belief because they have no belief of there own except of self. Second reason no one wants to go to war and they are too weak to start it.

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