Vans store employee tells 14-year-old “f*ck you” for wearing MAGA hat

Vans store employee tells 14-year-old "f*ck you" for wearing MAGA hat

UPDATE: The Vans store employee has been fired.

Yesterday, a 14-year-old boy was told “f*ck you” by a Vans store employee in Oak Park Mall, Kansas, for wearing a MAGA hat.

The employee first demanded the teen take off his MAGA hat. When the teen refused, the employee told the teen “f*ck you”.

The teens mother confronted the employee, while another person video recorded. The mother asked the employee what he told her son, to which he admitted to telling the teen “f*ck you”. The employee then told the mother “I’m sure he’s heard it before”.

The mother then talked to a man who appears to be the manager, who told her to “go about your business”.

See vide below:

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