Ilhan Omar admits she will not assimilate and will not respect American culture

In 2012, Ilhan Omar replied to a tweet that suggested Somalis should leave their culture at the door. In other words, assimilate.

Omar replied to the tweet, stating:

totally disagree America is a melting pot of cultures. Our values is one of inclusion and acceptance!

The woman who made the original tweet, replied to Omar, stating:

As long as the law of the land is followed there will be peace and harmony. No rituals like honor killing

Omar replied:

what does honor killing have to do with Somali culture?

The woman replied:

Nothing to do with Somali Culture. Some people DO want to force there culture or beliefs on their hosts.

Omar replied:

I am talking about American values that this Mayor doesn’t get. Somalis aren’t the problem, the mayor is!

Omar went on:

those with problem don’t have a sense of culture & diversity. Being American means being yourself 🙂

Another Twitter user replied:

As long as our AMERICAN culture is respected. That is based in Judeo-Christian culture and law.

Which Omar responded with:

Lol, now that’s just silly

See screenshots of tweets below:




























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  1. Deplorable Kel you are a fucking moron sitting on a couch eating French Fries with you fat belly. Probably you’re a dickhead from Ireland. You know that America is the Native American country that belongs to red Indians that your hate-filled white hitlers of your granddads invaded. So, don’t Fucking pretend that this country belongs to you. You can GO BACK to your fucking Ireland that you’re from you lil twat.
    I can see you lil pussy is doing nothing while Ilhan conquers America. So, shut the fuckup and stop spreading FAKE NEWS!!!

    • America was conquered and then settled in just like most other countries in the world. He has no control over what his ancestors did. Research some of these other cultures before labeling people bigots, not all Muslims are radicals but the situation with Somalia has been risky and dangerous to say the least. Plus just like they are trying to escape from oppression, we did the same thing to escape tyrannical rule in Europe to a land that they didn’t know even had people until permanent settlers moved here. Plus instead of peace, compromise, and tolerance which could’ve allowed for us to live in peace, both native tribes and Europeans instigated battles before even knowing those on the other side. What matters is that we can live in peace with each other now like I did while living in a nez Perce town in Idaho. Stop dwelling on the past. If we were a bunch of racist hitlers we wouldn’t have allowed other races to have equal freedom and opportunity. Minorities now have the lowest unemployment rate in decades, we have many different races and cultures within our community and in politics.

    • And who the fuck are you.?stick your anti american bullshit up your ass.and too chicken shit to put your own name down.punk ass.

      • Why? Their religion has nothing to do with their allegiance as a country. That’s like saying a Jewish person can’t hold office or Catholics. That’s just ignorant. Ppl need to stop having their views of others based off dying men’s stories told thousands of years ago.

      • jamie, if you really think that the ideology of hate and oppression have nothing to do with their allegiance to America you are CLUELESS!!!! Who flew planes into the twin towers?! Not Jews, not Catholics! No it was muslims! They are not here to assimilate or integrate but to infiltrate and dominate! Educate yourself on the subject! You are 100% wrong!

    • You said conquers America why is she trying to conquer us are we at war with her or something needs to be impeached if she can not live by the laws of our land and the Coran is not the bible that all have used until these last few years when people started to take over the US.

      • She did not get swore in on the Bible so she is not a legal congresswoman and should be removed.

  2. She is the enemy within,who cant see shes a terrorist leader in our gov‘t she should be arrested before she does more harm!

  3. She has commited immigration fraud used campaign Funds to pay for the devorce from her brother, she needs to be removed from office and deported now

  4. Yes, she is a terrorist in our government. If she is allowed to remain there we can expect devastating results. Wake up America!

  5. When a a preditor is caught in the hen house, you don’t wait to see what it is up to. You dispatch it at once, BEFORE it destroys the flock!!!!!

  6. Got damn, people have a defect of “understanding” what they read. I bet 80% of the population would fail Reading Comprehensive classes. Or maybe I’m thinking it’s the SNOWFLAKE virus outbreak on which everyone is in the psychotic need of twisting everything solely to throw online tantrums and fits.

    I come to realize that tiles of articles and/or posts also play a crucial perception/emotion for the reader. Then the context in which its said controls the further outcome. The populace is easy controlled, the art of pupetmaster & puppet.

    Anyway, in no way or form is she attacking the US. She’s actually defending it in her own way. I could outline and grab every portion of her replies and explain her meanings, but ultimately I’d be wasting my time and receive snowflakery because that’s what the populace all about these days. I have a psychology major for those self-claimed intelligent snowflakes.

    • Exactly. Muslim bad, judeo-christian good, even though not one jew was around to sign the founding papers.

    • Defending the U.S. in her own way you are a blind idiot of you believe that it’s the far left thinking and indoctrination you went through in college. you’re the one who got brainwashed in college even through your psychology degree

  7. @godwin 7….that psychology degree means nothing to us. Are you saying Omar is trying to protect the US? If so, you’re way off base.

  8. Well you stupid bunch of Democratics voted this Muslim into the position she now has so it should be the desire of every Born Again Believer to pray that God sees fit to replace all Democrats with God fearing folk that will back Donald Trump in the next 4 year term to bring revival to this Nation.

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  11. Wow…how did this ignorant person become a congress person? The response is correct. Our Republic is based on Christian principles. The Bible, the holy book divine as the forefathers called it and the Supreme Creator, as God, the father of Christ is called, is where we get almost all of our moral codes for laws. Without it we would be nothing.

  12. What’s the difference between ISIS & Islam’s sharia ?…..
    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING which makes islam just as radical as isis, boko haram, al qaeda, etc.,etc.,etc.,….

  13. Sorry, but it is imperative that you must be removed from your post for being hostel to this government and it’s constitution. It is obvious that you cannot be relied on to represent the people of the U.S.A. Any one that will not uphold and protect our constitution is not qualified for leadership in this country, Period !!! I call upon the courts and this government for action !

  14. Heres a thought.. Mstop electing people from outside of your country ESPECIALLY if they wont asimulate… And for you who are electing… Get fucking educated about these people before you loose your fuckin laws and culture to these assholes. And to the elected who wont asimulate to their new sirroundings of a country if you refuse to simulate in their countries and abide by their laws and culture. STFU and get the fuck outta “THEIR/MY” country and gi back to your fucking shithole country!!! Your sick and sad!!!

  15. For some strange reason I feel as though I am sitting on one of those airplanes that’s about to fly into the towers! I look around and can’t get anyone to stand up with me to fight a couple of assholes with boxcutters! I think we as a people have lost our nerve and I for one am mostly ashamed of how the American people act anymore. So if the bitch flys us into a building it’s pretty much all our fault. That includes the assholes with psychology degrees too. You morons!

  16. Illhan Omar needs to be removed and we dont need muslims in congress if they are planning to change America into her culture,screw that,may she should leave America if she cant accept we are base on Judeo=Christian laws and she is not American,shouldnt even try to be with her ignorant rhetoric.

  17. My grandparents and great grandparents immigrated LEGALLY from Poland. While they settled in an area of Toledo, Ohio where everyone else had the same history and background, they embraced the American way of life. They learned the language and assimilated in all ways possible. However, they didn’t abandon their Polish heritage. They retained their customs in their own homes and community. They didn’t try to force their customs or values on anyone else. As a result, people voluntarily began to celebrate their differences and culture.

    • The way all foreigners should do when they come here. We would welcome them all if they were like your parents. 🙂

  18. why does AMERICA keep sleeping with the enemies . leopards do not change their spots regardless how far it runs . we.invite these people to Congress we let them live here and take from us witn.their cheap labor then they send it home people deport deportthem

  19. She is part of the cancer thats killing America, a traitor. They changed a 150 year old rule for her, the wearing of anything on your head was wrong. She needs to pack her islamic ass up and go back to her country if she wants to live under sharia. KICK HER ASS OUT OF AMERICA. ISLAM DOES NOT BELONG ON AMERICAN SOIL- ISLAM IS A CANCER-

  20. Then that settles it. The House of Representatives needs to move forward with kicking her out of office as quickly as it can be acted upon. Her and that Congresswoman Tlaib from the Detroit suburbs while they’re at it! No matter what the political or public opinion fallout might be. Surely, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have some sense of decency left. Both of these women are unfit to serve in Congress!

  21. #1-she should not by law be in America. #2- She should have never been allowed to run for Congress. .#3- Remove her from America and send her back across the border where her culture life accepts her disrespect for human lives..#4- what are we waiting for Democrats?

  22. That by American values you mean Judeo-Christian “culture and law” shows you do not understand Christianity, Judaism, or America. Christ is our salvation, if we so choose, not a religion based on Him. Judaism is the Law Christians are free from before Adonai, and America is called to be a humane place for everyone, without respect to which religion people follow or choose not to, and you are wrong that those who choose not to are bad.

  23. She lives in a state that is approximately 75% Muslim and she should have never been allowed to run for office and not because of her race or religion but because she openly hates America and our culture she openly hates Christians and Jews she spreads hate and is open about her feelings towards Isis and terrorist groups that she supports them. I’m all for women in government but not those who spread hate and want to kill babies even when they are at 9 months. Congresswomen from California, New York and her from Michigan all need to be removed and also they want to run for President!!! God be with us all!!

    • Obama planted the Muslems in her state, Obama wanted this and he wants to destroy America, he is the snaky con man.But people are to blind.

  24. I apologize I put Michigan in my post and it’s Minnesota and sorry if that’s not spelled correctly. She married her own brother and committed immigration fraud plus numerous other things she does not belong in our government.

  25. How can a woman like her be voted in? This is a disgrace and she must be removed from office. How can anyone vote for a person like her. This is just wrong she is obviously an enemy of our country. We better wake up before this goes any further with people like her. To swear Your self on the Koran is not right.

  26. having read SOME OF THE reply’s it is sad that the language that was typical of the avg. American.
    Do some people think that language like that impresses anyone. WE both feel it the same way but I do not know how they think that will improve anyone.

  27. Get her out of America, she has no respect for the American way of life. Having some idiot broad from a terrorist country, has NO rights pushing their culture on our American beliefs. My family as many others from our ancestors, believed in the American dream, to build our country up, honoring our ancestors and those that founded America. Why would our congress, our politicians, or any good, righteous American listen to this insane, terrorist, freak with only tearing down our country, taking away our freedoms and faiths. Please, democrats, republicans and all others, stand up for your country. Don’t let outsiders with evil agendas come in to try and dictate to you how your country will be ran. PLEASE STOP THIS INSANITY!

  28. Who has the power and is willing to take these Mideast people out of office immediately, especially Muslims!!!!